trying one more time.

uh-oh. carriage-return has been given a weird function.

*now* what? i clicked a +-sign button &c. supposedly

something about a block. nothing happened. trying again.


okay. putting in a graphics block works like that.

this is allegedly "preformatted".  which, 
okay, at least doesn't punish you with the
carriage-return-line-feed misfeature, but,
still, won't even let me write "preformatted"
without touching the mouse to tell the damn
thing i actually mean what i actually type.
over and over.  and this is a word i *copied*
from *this ghastly format itself*, which 
would make it even funnier if it were funny
at all instead of inspiring of rage & despair.

another block now. okay. maybe i’ll be back.

Photo on 9-11-20 at 8.49 AM

so here’s the thing i’ve been in the process

of memorizing ever since i worked it out.

i *almost* know it now.  this interface sucks.

bye now.

an awesome work of scholarship.
by a great musician and lay leader.
but not my real subject.

(bait-and switch.) .  
(the editor hates plain-text and wants me 
to learn about "block"s.  not today.  
dates & titles; formatting not my fault.)

1/19/14 m.l. king.  
6/13/14 gospel exegesis.  
10/19/14 uu &uuce.  
5/24/15 number mysticism.  
11/15/15 schools & churches.  
1/24/16 arts & sciences.  
3/13/16  self-publishing. 
6/12/16 how to be interesting.  
3/3/19 vonnegut, uu, & me.  
3/24/19 library lore. 
5/5/19 maps of the world.  
7/7/19 philosophy & nonsense.  
8/18/19 the art of teaching.  
11/3/19 notes from the hymnal.  
12/18/19 uu & me.  
11/12/20 2020 vision.  
2/16/20 chinese philosophy.  
3/15/20  confucius, lao tzu, & me.  

to show the world i am a gentleman

big pharma saw america/ the dying and the sick/ “we get it now:/ america—/ a place to get rich quick!”// religion saw america/ believing in a lie/ “come join *our* side, america/and fight the other guy!”// the lawyers & the media/ made a little note/ “we see it all. america:/ a place where people vote.”// the internet’s america/ was talking on the phone/ and left me in the library/ writing songs alone// so if you see america/ tell me where to find her/ the blind men found an elephant/ but these guys all are blinder// my living blood, america/ and this, my beating heart/ tell me my america/ has fallen quite apart.

somewhere in all this “desargues” stuff
i claimed that i don’t have the skill to draw
the “symmetric” version on the diagonals of
a dodecahedron (or, equivalently, on pairs-
-of-opposite-faces of an icosa… as shown here).

well, now i can prove it. the notes are already
posted i guess. i’m going on not much sleep &
anyhow, the *really* awesome stuff is guitar-
-music mostly these days. lectures-without-
-words is just something to do in between
tabbing-out arrangements for simple tunes.
you know my methods, watson.

Photo on 8-14-20 at 5.13 PM.jpg

name that tune

too bad son nee boh no did n’t
watch out for that tree
but i say
it’s O K
bet ter him than me.

get it?—
how ’bout now? :

who says zarathustra is a
better man than me?
friedrich N

okay. if that doesn’t do it
for you, you’re too young.

Y O Y O Y.

see you next week.

Photo on 8-9-20 at 4.13 AM.jpg

Photo on 8-7-20 at 11.37 AM.jpg

up top, th’ “2-string saints”—
you know the one… how i want
to be in that number… oh when
the saints go mar, ching, in.
that one.

below that, fresh today (and indeed
*unfinished* if i have anything to
say about it): drone-string willie.

here is the you-tube: blind willie mc~tell
with guitar-giant mark knopfler
on guitar & dylan on piano & vocals.

aren’t they great. back to me.
the thing here is, there’s this
guitar right here with only two
strings. and, as it turns out,
even *that’s* too complicated
(for my purpose right now): so.
let the low (“6th”) string just
*drone on* and bang out the melody
on the high string (the “5th”).

one can use big sweeping right-hand
“strums” in doing this; much easier
than some brain-torture right-hand
*finger-picking* arrangement, say,
and more *fun* (and, undoubtedly,
more *filmic* in case one should
ever stand on a stage again…). but
really, the point… *a* point…
is that one can begin to get some
*feeling* into the g-d d-mn thing.

like all blues songs this songs about
how much it hurts to play this song.

Photo on 8-7-20 at 8.50 AM.jpg

the light quite pleasantly falls on
the notepad and the electric guitar.
(and, up from there, a shot of “bob”
—dylan, of course, the soul of the
age…and, above that, blurry *and*
glare-y, some shots of cheryl tiegs
[wiki]—the iconic cover-girl of my
adolescence & young-adulthood.
never mind that.)

oh, and those milk-crates.
i forget where i got those.
anyway the statute has expired.

no, the *point* here is, again,
the notepad and the guitar…
and the chair an the coffee cup
(okay, it’s a “measuring” cup
on its face… *i* say it’s a
coffeecup…); the *point* is
it’s all in there scrunched up
where i can hunch over with the
guitar in my lap *and* write out
the “tabs”—or, more recently,
one-string *lists of notes*
(in “number” form first; but also
“letter” form [C to shining C] and
recently with “fingerings” added
and even up-and-down “stroke”
notations). anyhow. if all goes
well, one can sit there in that
chair with everything *right there
at hand* and grind out breakthroughs.

the vlorbik hymnal

wordpress is messing with me big-time.  i may be bailing for good.  i mean it this time.  forced editor-“upgrade”.  curses.

meanwhile.  many like it, this one mine.  don’t *you* steal one from *your* church (necessarily).  the important features for this brief post are that in this copy, hymns 38, 205-206, 233, & 259 are “tabbed” by my hand for solo guitar.  

by title, morning has broken, amazing grace!, bring a torch (jennette isabella), & we three kings.  that’s it.  the interface is broken again and my patience is very thin as usual.

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