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Faith In Chaos

\bulletA math in the movies piece in today’s +Plus; my movie post of a couple weeks ago.


Notes For Anthony

Business As Usual

\bullet“Didactic Transformation”: Borovik on Bass (etc.).
\bulletSAGE (open source math software) recently announced version 3.0. William Stein is doing a Sage blog.
\bulletMath-Panel-inspired discussion at MathNotations.

By a weird fluke, I’m running a section of Mathematics for Elementary Teachers. Some medical emergency has incapacitated the regular faculty member originally assigned to this section; since I was called on to sub when she was first hospitalized, the entire duty has fallen into my lap now that she’s out for a long recovery. I’ve never done anything at all like this class and there are reasons. Like many another math major, I’ve often been mystified by the Math Ed approach to pedagogy … specifically, the focus on (what can be called) presentation (as opposed to “content”). And it’ll probably be a long time before I ever say anything even resembling “Pedagogical Content Knowlege” without smirking.

But I sure feel like I’m doing worthwhile work and may even have convinced some of the students. There’ll be more about this down the line I expect …

Nullius In Verba

\bulletNoah Snyder’s insightful follow-up to Isabel’s advice to prospective grad students (@ th’ Secret Blogging Seminar).
\bulletCarnival of Mathematics #31, at Recursivity.

\bulletA (PDF) film review in the May Notices: “Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem”.
\bulletWhat the heck, Math in the Movies (Arnold Reinhold; hasn’t been updated in a while…).
\bulletI once published a few reviews myself.

Workfarce Development

\bulletJonathan reprinted a piece today on New York’s long-delayed statewide reinstituted Geometry program: will the teachers be ready? Hint: of course not. (In JD2718.)
\bulletSez here it’s “e day”.
\bulletSome BBC radio “essays” on music and maths, indexed at Michael Cassidy Weblog.
\bulletA well-deserved takedown of D. Berlinski, at Halfway There.
\bulletMark C-C solicits—and gets—rantage on philosophy-of-probability at goodmath.