First Post

I was clicking around in the latest Carnival of Mathematics recently and finally became aware that a lot of math blogs were hosted at WordPress and that maybe somebody had finally made it easy to post math to the web.

So whenever I want to say something like e^{i\theta} = cos(\theta) + i\cdot sin(\theta),
why I can just go right ahead and do it.

Of course, I expect the usual will-sapping frustrations associated with learning any new computer interface; this recent post by The Unapologetic Mathematician suggests that there may very well be more than I’ll be willing to cope with. We’ll see how it goes.

I also discovered that founding C of M poster Alon Levy quit doing Abstract Nonsense a couple months back. Well heck. Anyhow, congratulations on an outstanding run.


  1. WordPress has been ok. Some plug ins won’t run, since it seems not so fond of Java. But it’s mostly been more than ok. LaTeX iced the deal.

    You’re the one who corrected my “roots of i” problem, right? Math, math ed, and unions? Nice combination. I wish we saw more of it.


  2. Thanks for your comment (and sorry for the delay; I’ll evidently have to tweak the settings so WordPress doesn’t ask me to approve comments).
    The “roots of i” discussion JD refers to is here … but there’s a heck of a lot more interesting stuff at his site, so plan on staying and browsing for a while.

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