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how about now

trying one more time.

uh-oh. carriage-return has been given a weird function.

*now* what? i clicked a +-sign button &c. supposedly

something about a block. nothing happened. trying again.


okay. putting in a graphics block works like that.

this is allegedly "preformatted".  which, 
okay, at least doesn't punish you with the
carriage-return-line-feed misfeature, but,
still, won't even let me write "preformatted"
without touching the mouse to tell the damn
thing i actually mean what i actually type.
over and over.  and this is a word i *copied*
from *this ghastly format itself*, which 
would make it even funnier if it were funny
at all instead of inspiring of rage & despair.

another block now. okay. maybe i’ll be back.



one could simply cite the lemma
and get it over with. but that’s
not how i actually did the exercise…