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The Feeling Of Power

\bulletSlide Rules for Connoisseurs (and, presumably, a motivating example).
\bulletA 19th Century Algebra book, spotted at KTM.
\bulletHey, look: more 19th C. textbooks (at ZeroDivides).
\bulletA bunch of logic puzzles.


\bulletMatt-a-matical Thinking is host to the current Carnival of Education.
\bulletMeanwhile, there was no Carnival of Mathematics two weeks ago. But Ben Webster will presumably have something for us tomorrow.

No, *You* Tube!

\bullet A video about \pi, reprinted at The Math Less Travelled.
Why your teachers feel it is necessary to torture you with proofs (Tony Lucchese).
\bulletThere’s at least one video of a Tom Lehrer song posted at atdotde today. And something else that my browser can’t read.


\bulletI spotted this LEGO® Difference Engine right here at Wild About Math!.
\bulletI’d seen Andrew Lipson’s Mathematical Lego Sculptures page already but misplaced it until now. Here’s more by Andrew Lipson. This Escher-inspired construction is priceless.
\bulletAn MS Word file on Math & Lego by Eugenia Cheng.
\bulletEric Harshbarger has some Lego puzzles (and much more).
\bulletSøren Eilers disputes a calculation in the Lego literature.
\bulletUnderstanding Lego Geometry (Mario & Julio Ferrari).

Descartes Before Dehors

No Harm No Fowl

What Is Now Proved

Bed, Bath, and Bus

\bulletA Call for Napkins, at my slice of pizza (spotted at WebDiarios).
\bulletJeffrey Morton prepares for Groupoidfest: useful remarks on math-blogging.
\bulletMPG in support of David Wasserman. There’s a story in here beyond his usual horribly misguided verbosity.
\bulletSariel Har-Peled on Hamming on research.

Shine, Perishing Republic

\bulletKTM regular Barry Garelick recently published a three part series on (what so-called “reformers” insist on calling) “traditional” methods in elementary mathematics education. The fight-the-reader page design isn’t his fault.
\bulletBetter Explained gets enthusiastic about Pythagoras.
\bulletEugenia Cheng (and Aaron Lauda)’s guidebook on Higher-Dimensional Categories appears to be something I’ll want to look at. Good thing I’ve just bookmarked it. (I spotted her in this thread at the ever-fascinating Gowers’s.)
\bulletReasonable Deviations briefly reviews a paper on infinitesmals.