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Photo on 8-7-20 at 8.50 AM.jpg

the light quite pleasantly falls on
the notepad and the electric guitar.
(and, up from there, a shot of “bob”
—dylan, of course, the soul of the
age…and, above that, blurry *and*
glare-y, some shots of cheryl tiegs
[wiki]—the iconic cover-girl of my
adolescence & young-adulthood.
never mind that.)

oh, and those milk-crates.
i forget where i got those.
anyway the statute has expired.

no, the *point* here is, again,
the notepad and the guitar…
and the chair an the coffee cup
(okay, it’s a “measuring” cup
on its face… *i* say it’s a
coffeecup…); the *point* is
it’s all in there scrunched up
where i can hunch over with the
guitar in my lap *and* write out
the “tabs”—or, more recently,
one-string *lists of notes*
(in “number” form first; but also
“letter” form [C to shining C] and
recently with “fingerings” added
and even up-and-down “stroke”
notations). anyhow. if all goes
well, one can sit there in that
chair with everything *right there
at hand* and grind out breakthroughs.


i tried posting this 6 months ago
but wordpress ate it. here it is now.
Photo on 1-1-20 at 6.03 PM.jpg


Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.03 PM
portrait of me (early 70s) in four-color pen by eva. i used this as a cover for a _ten_page_news_. other stuff.

Photo on 5-26-20 at 4.31 PM
upper-left: photo of me at notre dame with sue v & jonathan. then (going across) escher, steranko, me (MEdZ), me again—self-portrait in the eigenmann hall days—;carriage return. QUIET! (can’t you see i’m *reading*?) a digest-size document about digest-size documents. jack kirby signature. steranko again. some thing i got at “the enclave” (bexley coffee shop) from the artist in trade for some old comics. starhead catalogue. back to the left. a bunch of pez dispensers. neno coffee-cup. seth? _the_imp_ (not the only one displayed on this wall). collected kirby collector. book about american comics. book about comics with comics cover-art for a cover. little nemo coffee-mug. zine about a strike in alaska. another big fat book about comics. back again. stacks and stacks. titles visible in some versions include krazy kat, SPX, superman, and… pushing it a little… the kirby biography. micky mouse. end of top shelf. cataloguing is slow and unrewarding.

boxing day

boxing day. these shots show shelves
partly festooned in seasonal decor.
i’ll be tearing it down now. meanwhile
the rest of the house is, anyhow, more
orderly than it’s been in quite some time.
and would deserve photographing &
posting online if it weren’t so much damn
trouble. poor me. everybody else can
do everything on their phones. and
drive cars and stuff. having a wonder-
ful time. wish you were here.Photo on 12-26-18 at 9.31 AMPhoto on 12-26-18 at 9.29 AM

Photo on 12-24-17 at 8.26 AM.jpg

here’s the seasonal doo-dads again,
updated. more stuff. also the bob
dylan section has been relocated;
visible but unrecognizable from here
are some CDs & cassettes, a bunch of
books, and an LP-sleeve with cover
art from several early albums. bob
is god around here. other artists
have (smaller, lesser) such sections
back in the audio-files room (where
most of this stuff was hitherto).
all this just to the right of the
mirror. there’s a foreign-language
section in there too.

steel and glass, redux

Photo on 11-22-17 at 9.41 PM.jpg
lots more like this in the “daadd” file.
“daadd” expands to “domestic arts in the
age of digital distibution”. mostly it’s
a bunch of pictures of the kitchen. clean
dishes are very beautiful in my opinion but
of course, usually this beauty goes unremarked.
here’s the URL for the last time i used the title:

Photo on 11-21-17 at 3.19 AM.jpg
i get to live here. with the georgia-o-kay
in the big frame at right and the madeline
doll to its left on top of the rug-roll…
and hannah’s golden-spiral placemat on the

new title: announcing the livingston review.

mis en abyme


i’ve been doing more shelving lately
even than usual… even unto moving
around actual shelves. whereupon,
strictly speaking, one is “decorating”
(rather than “shelving”, rightly so-
-called). but, then again. “all the
arts are one art”, as the saying goes
(or eventually will, if i get my way).

anyhow, here’s a shot about stuff about
the former “jugoslavia” (Југославија).
also some random furniture and whatnot.
you can see the mac whose built-in camera
took all three shots (in about the middle
of the mirror). here‘s a shot from
2010 with a different macbook & camera.