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math carny #96 at MMW.


math teachers at play #51, at sue v’s (whose _playing_with_math_ is coming soon to a book-distribution system near you).

Math Teachers at Play #24. Lots of stuff here!

Walking Randomly about math carnivals.

Kiss Joy As It Flies

\bulletHere’s “On2: transfinite number hacking”. Lieven le Bruyn’s NEVERENDINGBOOKS isn’t really a blog at all… and in some earlier version, I’d failed to “get it”. My bad. This is some amazing stuff: advanced mathematics in very readable style. “Mumford’s Treasure Map” is a mini-masterpiece.
\bulletThe fact that I never even thought to go look at last Friday’s Carnival (at Concrete Nonsense) is some kind of testimony to my recent preoccupation with my new computer.
\bulletPat Ballew has been blogging about synthetic division (SD). This is a terrific find for me right now (even though I’ve recently scorned SD in my 148 class).


Hail To The Chief

Jonathan put up Carnival #47 over the weekend as advertised. And today I finally found #46, which I had somehow missed. Next up: Concrete Nonsense.

\bulletAn announcement for a math contest at Math Notations.
\bulletJonathan sez he’ll have a Carnival at his blog later today. And he’s pretty reliable.
\bulletEric Peterson came back from a long hiatus and posted some Final Exams last month. But I missed it till now.
\bulletJ.D. Fisher on the Faffufnik-Chaim Yankel Effect.
\bullet The graph transformations page of Paul’s Online Math Notes.

They Moved My Bowl

\bulletThe 45th Carnival of Mathematics, at Teaching College Math Technology Blog.
\bullet“Is the Sky Still Falling?” (PDF): D. Bressoud on the health of undergraduate mathematics.