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Class Field Theory

\bulletFourth-grade “Calculus” at WAM!.


No Man But A Blockhead

One of my 102 classes is filling in Exam II even as I type. Which means I’m actually getting paid for this. Which is pretty doggone cool. After all those untold hours of blogging and all (reading everybody else’s stuff, I mean … I’m not claiming to’ve been very productive of actual reading matter …). Okay, that’s it. Getting back to work.

Arts & Sciences

\bulletC. Johnson on an amazing math teacher at KTM.
\bulletS. Dehaene profiled in The New Yorker.

The Arnold Classic



The |\{f| f:\{0,1,2\}\rightarrow\{0,1,2\}\}| Edition of the Carnival of Mathematics is up over at JD2718.

Lifelong Learning

\bulletPythagorean Triples according to Borovik and Lugo.

Afraid That I Will Disappear