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the tetrahedral group at left: A_4, to the group-theory geeks.

up top, the “yrb” labeling of the vertices of a cube,
with the bit-string digital code and a 2-D projection.
the seven-color theorem… concerning the simple group
of order 168
& MRBGPYO… is hinted at.

under that, as one can *kind of* read on the blurry photo,
is “desargues theorem in color” — ten “points”
(one Mud, two Yellow, two Blue, two Red, one Green,
one Purple, one Orange) in abstract “space”.
the best version… i’m not technically up to drawing it…
is to put the colors on the ten diagonals of a dodecahedron.
next best is the five-point star version taking up
the biggest part of the file-folder.

next to that on the right: the vertices of the cube
colorized again. pretty much the same way if memory serves.
the points-to-lines “duality” is colorized better here, i think.

at the bottom, several versions of the seven-point star version
of the MRBGPYO theorem… and other stuff about heptagons.

there’re some books in there, too. that’s it for today.

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The world is ours
Not the presidents’
Of the corporations
For the one-percents
We all want freedom
Let’s go and get some
This world belongs to you and me

This world ain’t their world
This world is our world
And it’s a hot and cold world
A sweet and sour world
It’s the world we share, boy
Only one that’s there, girl
This world belongs to you and me

This world is our world
This world ain’t their world
Cause it’s a life-is-good world
Not an I-don’t-care world
And before we know, dear
We’ll have to leave here
But this world belongs to you and me

As I was working
With my friend Woody
He became immortal
And I asked how could he
His voice was ringin’
Said “keep on singin’ ”
This world belongs to you and me

(first pubbed at vlorblog)

going around in circles

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Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.03 PM
portrait of me (early 70s) in four-color pen by eva. i used this as a cover for a _ten_page_news_. other stuff.

Photo on 5-26-20 at 4.31 PM
upper-left: photo of me at notre dame with sue v & jonathan. then (going across) escher, steranko, me (MEdZ), me again—self-portrait in the eigenmann hall days—;carriage return. QUIET! (can’t you see i’m *reading*?) a digest-size document about digest-size documents. jack kirby signature. steranko again. some thing i got at “the enclave” (bexley coffee shop) from the artist in trade for some old comics. starhead catalogue. back to the left. a bunch of pez dispensers. neno coffee-cup. seth? _the_imp_ (not the only one displayed on this wall). collected kirby collector. book about american comics. book about comics with comics cover-art for a cover. little nemo coffee-mug. zine about a strike in alaska. another big fat book about comics. back again. stacks and stacks. titles visible in some versions include krazy kat, SPX, superman, and… pushing it a little… the kirby biography. micky mouse. end of top shelf. cataloguing is slow and unrewarding.