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Photo on 9-22-15 at 8.31 AM

here’s the page where i decided
i’d been looking at things inside-
-out… that the “primary color”
points of Rainbow Space should be
displayed as (midpoints of) *sides*
of the “color triangle”, rather
than as *vertices* (as i’ve been
doing for a couple of years or more
now… how long *was* it since i
discovered “color”, again?).

anyhow. *four* (rather than one)
of the lines on this display
now appear to the eye as “circles”:
the line-at-infinity (still) and
the three “blends” (newly). also
the line at infinity shows up
*outside* the rest of the figure
instead of inside.

the primaries R, B, Y can now be seen,
as it were, “emerging from the Mud”
(the “ideal” point in the center),
with the secondaries then
“following” (as it were in *time*;
evolving or big-banging or what have
you) by “forming the blends” (ROY,
BPR, & YGB of course; if this isn’t
clear one should break out the finger-

the “blurs” take us back to the Mud
(and the whole thing starts over again…
or not… the metaphysics isn’t clear
at this point…)

yesterday’s post follows this (and, as i type,
doesn’t have the “finite geometry” category-tag on it;
there’s *much* more on this topic to be found by clicking
that category).


Photo on 9-21-15 at 6.33 PM

P^2({\Bbb F}_5), i’d’ve called it today.
i drew this thing over twenty years ago as a page
in a geometry test. the coloring-in is much more

anyhow, two triangles perspective from a point
are perspective from a line. you could look it up.

then love died

Photo on 9-21-15 at 3.09 PM

product endorsement:
triangle-graph paper.
better than “hex”, even.
anyway, for my purposes now.
you scribble away contentedly
for a couple hours. *then*
(maybe) you might as well
get online to get *in* line
and make a digital copy & post.
which is increasingly difficult.
and not *only* because i’m getting
stupider and more stubborn…
though both of these faults of mine
do play their parts in the whole mess.

what can you do with this?

Photo on 9-12-15 at 8.24 PM
what *i’m* gonna do… now that i’ve spilled on it
and smeared some of the equations… is throw away
the hard-copy. one man’s treasure is the same man’s