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Speaking Of Citations …

I mentioned the JSTOR version of one of my old book reviews a few months ago. I meant to’ve mentioned this but couldn’t put my virtual hands on it. Yep. There it is all right.

Calm Yet Eloquent

\bulletThere’s not much math—okay, none at all—in this recent reprint of a 2003 interview with Chandler Davis (from the paraliterary journal Paradoxa, via Ray Davis’s Bellona Times Repress). So here’s his Google Scholar page (and here, alas, is mine).


Please Lie Less Carefully

Wednesday’s “Seeing the World Like a Corporation”, by Tom Hoffman of Tuttle SVC articulately (and, for my money, rightly) accused Dan Meyer of selling sizzle, not steak. Of course Meyer immediately denied it. Hoffman’s response followed yesterday. From now on, you’re on your own.

I’ve argued with Meyer before, in these comment threads for example. Probably I’m done; we just inhabit different universes and I might as well get used to it. As for “working hard to make it look easy”–if it ain’t easy and you make it look easy, that’s called lying, and I’m against it.

Ars Brevis, Vita Longa

Go To Lunch.

As Seen In Mad Magazine

\bulletKnuth turns 70, a few days back at GPD. Also Mark CC on Knuth led me to several more links.
\bullet“Mathematicians and … Educationists” conference announcement at MUtM.

Back To Work

I’ve been dreading it but actually it’s sort of exhilarating. Links of the day.

\bulletSol WAM! reviews MathNotations (blog) and Maria Mathmom’s Math Mammoth Geometry (book).
\bulletRemarks on the game of Rush Hour at Letters to Nature.

\bulletThe best of “Let’s play math!” for 2007. I oughta do this myself.
\bulletHey, another year in review post (by mathmom, citing me). No, wait! Here’s an index of math-blog year-in-review pages. Wow.
\bulletI’ve just learned about Richard Elmore (at KTM; more here). Looks like this guy understands the politics of education about as well as any professor of education I’ve ever heard of …
\bullet23 Mathematical Challenges briefly reviewed at neverendingbooks.
\bullet“Phase shift or phase angle?” at squareCircleZ.
\bulletrandomwalker on the Turing test.
\bullet“Math is the Root of All Evil”.