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Photo 127

flicker daadd file and flicker more generally.
one can “download” a photo to the download-directory
of one’s nameless mac-book homebox to get a draggable
icon… as i’ve done in causing the ditko art to
appear below. i haven’t used this flicker account
in years. but if i don’t look at my own memorabilia
from time to time, who will. much of the photography
for the “cooking show” seems to’ve been processed through



domestic arts in the age of digital distribution.

Photo on 8-30-14 at 9.10 AM

recall that the primaries R, Y, & B,
together with the secondaries P, O, & G,
and the ideal M (“mud”) can be put in
the “mister big pie, oh” (don’t quit ohio)
order (and looped around pacman style endlessly):
the result, very pleasingly to me, is that the
“lines” of the 7-color-fano-plane can be computed
using “two steps forward, one step back” (so that
by selecting, say, “B” as our “starting point” we
get “P” by stepping forward twice and “R” by stepping
back once;
one confirms on the drawing… or verifies by computation…
that {P, R, B} do indeed form a “line” (the point is that
*all seven* “lines” can be found this way [start at any of
the seven colors and “do” 2-up-1-down as above]).

the lines (dropping scarequotes) are
the “blends” {R, O, Y}, {Y, G, B}, and {B, P, R},
the “blurs” {M, R, G}, {M, O, B}, and {M, P, Y},
and the Ideal {P, O, G}.

i’m pointing at some lines on
the MRBGPYO nested-circles diagram.

our medium is color on canvas.


to whom it concerns

i’ve just posted a bunch of emails
to people i’ve never emailed until now.

all by itself, this would be a good thing.

but it now occurs to me that because
most of them have at least a couple URL’s
(links to blogposts by me), they may
very well be filtered out of the adressees’
“mailboxes” as if they were spam.

hey class-of-twenty-thirteen! write me first!
that addy again: vlorbik ATSIGN gmail DOT com

hey, look at this:
shady characters on @.

just a couple of bearded longhairs
looking downward. maybe in 350 years
or so, someone will understand *my* problem.


math-&-music presentation announcement
at hyperbolic guitars (NCTM; 4/26 in philly).

i was griping earlier today
(in another blog) about a long-ago password SNAFU.
within less than an hour of posting: another.

and right here at work. i was able to log in
to this *math department* box… but can’t get
into the *university level* system (where stuff
like syllabi and grades are found and posted).
i’d been recently made to choose a new
(and messy) password, so first
i tried resetting that… and succeeded. the system
recognized me enough to ask me the three “mother’s
maiden name” style questions allowing this…
but then when i tried to get to the sites
where *actual work* can be done i learned,
to my chagrin, that *that* part of the system
couldn’t recognize my username at all.

well, i’m barely an employee. indeed i didn’t
have any duties assigned me until two days into
the quarter. so i figured maybe this had something
to do with it. too soon to tell, really: it took
about 15 minutes on the phone to discover that
(1) the guy at the help desk couldn’t help me &
(2) others are reporting similar issues.

i’m lucky to’ve gotten the e-mail assigning my
new grading duties at all… g-mail was working
this week evidently but my official campus e-ddress
was, emphatically, *not*. &… like i was saying
in my earlier post… we only get the web at “home”
(really my girlfriend’s house) by the on-and-off
grace of the vastly-indifferent cable company.

so it’s a problem.

waycool video of pendulums by R.~S.~Hilton. spotted by androo.

meanwhile: dy/dan got a sweet publishing deal somewhere along the line.

last crosspost

we can’t maintain an internet connection
and are giving up even trying. not that
i expect to have the same phone for long
but that looks like the way to go:
that probably won’t last much longer either
but there it is. my p.o. box is in effect for
several more months:
box 9679 columbus oh 43209.

what a monumental disappointment
*this* turned out to be.