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so far so good. now this.


i can’t do this

Photo on 4-15-19 at 11.38 AM.jpg
not much text this time… fool me twice.
as i said somewhere, SPACE is in a few days.
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Photo on 4-15-19 at 1.04 PM.jpg

coffee-cups etcetera

Photo on 2-26-19 at 3.08 PM.jpg

Photo on 12-17-17 at 1.13 PM.jpg

┬áhere… blurry as hell for some reason…
is a collection of trinkets-of-the-season:
snowmen-and-santa themed dishes and what-
-not. there’s a church program on the
menorah at left showing our-betty on her
90th birthday. you probably couldn’t
make that out even if the picture were
as sharp as it ought to be.


Photo on 7-15-16 at 7.53 AM

but i can’t log in there anymore.
somehow the password i’ve used there
for years… though not quite as long
as i’ve used the same one here…
is *no longer in effect*.

this is not my fault.

i suppose i’ll try to fix it up.
somehow nobody’s munged my e-mail

on the other hand, why fucking bother.

fuck this forever

his bright materials

Photo on 11-27-15 at 2.57 PM

seven signs in seven positions.
and days-of-the-week and ages-of-
-man and whatnot… the trivium &
quadrivium… may be superimposed
in various interesting ways.
the seven principles of UU will
eventually be invoked if this
is ever (again) the basis of a
sermon by me. “window crayons”
on cardboard box; 2015.

seven stories, part zero.