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what then are we to do?

here’s a long thread (at KTM) about barry garelick’s “” post it isn’t the culture, stupid (with throbbing googol ad).

my take? “we” can’t even *consider*
getting teachers competent in math
for *everyone*… and yet are committed
to create (some emperor’s-clothes version of)
the illusion of “equal opportunity”. so teachers
committed to the “math has the authority”
principle have to be careful not to let it be
known very far outside their classroom walls
(or work outside the public-funding arena).

if this isn’t “culture”, make the least of it.

no, wait. more thoughts from a different coffeehouse.
that’s not my take; just my life story.
my *take*: “it’s the corporate hegemony (obviously)”.

how come perfectly well-heeled middle-class parents
can’t get local governments to provide instruction
in perfectly basic skills… no matter how much
they’re taxed in the process? well, at least in part,
because none of the actual players has any interest
in doing-it-on-the-cheap. cf: the ever-worsening
“healthcare” disaster (one can’t call it a “crisis” or
even an “emergency”… crises are mere moments,
and the situation emerged a long time ago…).

like i said in the KTM thread:
don’t you know there’s a *war* on?

(i didn’t add “stupid”… plenty of *very*
intelligent and even articulate people
are content to ignore gorillas at any weight.)


palisadesk on math police

here at KTM. i’m given to understand that that’s “palace aides kay”, not “police a desk”. alas.