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12/31/09 the man went to earth and looked again.
fresh-bread nostalgia.

02/11/10 daadd part ii kitchen photo.
with madeline. several other photos are here
passed over in silence. well, almost.

03/11/10 daadd v. photo: flower & ingredients.

03/31/10 daadd vi. against kitchen cabinets.

04/06/10 daadd n+1. selfie with “legion” the mac-book.

01/10/13 for dishwasher pete dishwashing ramble.

01/11/13 kitchen-sink stirfry. verbose recipe.
followed by a concise recipe.

01/13/13 the right tool for the job. photo: big enough beer-glass.
ramble: all the arts are one art.

01/14/13 spicerack closeup. photo; “spices” ramble.

02/03/13 first-ever fried drumstick. my next one will be better.

02/13/13 two guys named ray, long ago. also potatoes.
the 60s; the 70s.

08/31/13 cooking is a better fate than grading.
longish. “revenge” salad.

03/12/14 impossible things before breakfast.
one of a series of “drying dishes” photos.

03/12/14 later there was stir-fry.
shot of sunlit shelves; short “shelving” ramble.

03/19/14 soup pot with love & squalor. home sweet home.

03/27/14 second load today. dishes again; recipe.

04/03/14 juice of 3 lemons. drying dishes; food ramble.
am i getting *through* to you?

04/13/14 dᴉlɔ-ƃɐq. cool trick, hunh. photo; lemonade.

04/13/14 my “peppers” technique is unstoppable.
dishes photo; stir-fry recipe.

… many more to go. stopping for today.

Photo on 11-22-17 at 9.41 PM.jpg


Photo on 11-28-17 at 11.35 AM.jpg
i had to tape over the light-switch
inside the refrigerator door. other
than that, i didn’t cheat (& that’s
why the ranch & the mayo are back-end-
-out): this is what the thing looked
like before i decided to take the shot.
in my case, this involves moving the
whole damn computer… i have only the
most primitive phone by today’s standards
(and i can’t work that)… also this is
a first take. looks like maybe there’s
something smeary on the lens. oh well.

steel and glass, redux

Photo on 11-22-17 at 9.41 PM.jpg
lots more like this in the “daadd” file.
“daadd” expands to “domestic arts in the
age of digital distibution”. mostly it’s
a bunch of pictures of the kitchen. clean
dishes are very beautiful in my opinion but
of course, usually this beauty goes unremarked.
here’s the URL for the last time i used the title:

a bad spell of wether

the blog next door was once known as
“owen’s cooking show”… and i thought
of it as my “home page”. but, praise
internet, i don’t get to edit that one
any more. it was also once called
“vlorbik’s diner”.

Photo on 5-12-15 at 11.15 AM

this blog right here, meanwhile, was
(mostly) about mathy stuff. when i
had a career… or even had any hope
of a paycheck *job*… it was usually
something about math-education. yaah.
goodbye to all that.

& meanwhile, as part of the cooking-show
aspect… it was secretly never the whole
story… of the previous blog, i created
a category called DAADD
“domestic arts in the age of digital
distribution”. and i propose now to
continue more-or-less in its vein (the
now-lost blog that was once called
“open a vein”). welcome to “vlorbik’s
pigfat diner”.

the blister and still-forming scab is a trophy
from a recent encounter with some hot pigfat.
(the pigfat won.) i knocked off the fat with
the other hand within a fraction of a second
and very soon had the wound in cold water.
& so was able to pop the blister many hours
later quite painlessly… the juice squirted
out a hole too small to see and the burnt skin
went right on lying on top of the still-healing
layer of much-less-badly-burned skin.

our text is #2681: t.~izawa’s _my_ABC_book_ (1971).
digitization has put some weird distorto-mojo on
some of the lettering (as seen on my screen).
also you can barely see my penciled-in notes
and drawings and diagrams. they’re clear enough
in the actual object (or, of course, i’d ink
’em in). anyhow, for the record, i’ve drawn
12 notes of a piano keyboard at “X” along with
“EGBDF” and “FACE”; on the first two pages i’ve
copied out the whole alphabet (and indicated
the pagination… thus providing sort of a
“table of contents”) and copied out each of
A, B, C, and D as a cartoon. the rest is left
as an exercise.

the way we live now

get away from me with your phony sympathy
i can see what you want in your eyes…
get away from me with your lies
(2009; now with much smarmy spam).




nobody will save us


owen’s cooking show: the election-day ep.

sometimes while i’m waiting for AM coffee i’ll
fiddle with books. the ones with easiest access
from the microwave are (most of) the comics.
then math. with some results pictured here.

martin gardner was the greatest-ever pop-math writer
in english. so i have a bunch of his stuff. his
_annotated_alice_ is somewhere else in the house.
you can’t make out the bloomington-high-school-north
coffee cup, but right there it is on top of my diploma.

the red-skull image is by local artist michael neno.
i got it for nothing or next-to-nothing after some
kid scribbled on it. bloomington artist ronald
markman did the _book_of_mukfa_ pages behind the
BHSN cup. the little nemo coffee-cup at the top
(above the _pogo_ stuff to the right of the _peanuts_)
is positioned in front of a (harvey) kurtzman and
a (will) eisner mass-market paperback. fans will
know that these comics greats have the major awards
named after them (and that mass-market is an unusual
format for either).

the _boy_who_loved_batman_ was a gift of my mother’s
(and not the only one in this shelf). it’s up there
with some other batman & superman stuff. i recently
found out that i had a double (a “dupe”, as we used
to say) of _batman_year_one_. so i promptly tore out
a page and gave away the rest of the book. now i’ve
a got a shot of batman jumping out of my guitar amp.

comics fans will recognize the _acme_novelty_library_
stuff as the work of the amazing chris ware; not at
all clear in this shot is the file of serge lang.
which beggars description. but isn’t really math
*or* comics. lang *mostly* wrote about math but
_the_file_ is a thing unto itself.

anyhow. also here’s today’s first dish-load, three ways.
i’ve prepared hash-browns (peel & grate two taters into
a pan of warm butter. turn up the heat & grill until good.),
half a BLT-sub-ranch (leftover “lean” bacon… fatty bits
already used yesterday on other taters). a creamcheese
sandwich half (both on toasted grocery-store airbread),
tomato, lettuce, ranch. & the microwave instant coffee.

getting back to work.

tomorrow, the black morning

domestic arts in the age of digital distribution.