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yet another duality diagram.

until now, this post from 2010
had my favorite such: “duality in
the fano plane”; seven “lines” through
seven “points”.

this one is a much-more-symmetric
picture of the situation represented
in this early version: ten “lines”
through ten points.

it recently occurred to me that
the “desargues configuration”
(aka “the situation represented here”)
could, in some sense, *best* be
visualized as the (set of) *opposite
faces* of an icosahedron.

but before i’d even made a decent
picture of that (hard-to-draw because
3-dimensional), along came this idea.
how it escaped me till now, i’ll never know.



math teachers at play #51, at sue v’s (whose _playing_with_math_ is coming soon to a book-distribution system near you).

*most* of the exercises i’ve been marking
are… pretty obviously… somebody *else’s* work.
it becomes very tedious making corrections when
the alleged readers haven’t even taken the trouble
to try to understand whatever source document
they’re copying from.

a “2” turns magically into a “3”. what was mere
sloppiness in the source becomes *contempt for the
grader* in the BS-artists who unthinkingly copy it
over. how stupid do you think i *am*, just because
i fucking work here?

sure, i get it. everybody *else* is trying your patience.
they’ll pile on work just to see how devoted you are.
college is fucked; i get it. but this is the math
department and lies just won’t fly.

get with the program or get gone.