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math carny #96 at MMW.

truth values: one girl’s romp through MIT’s male math maze.

oh frabjous day

charles (six-winged-seraph) wells
is back at the “discourse” stuff. yay!
abuse of notation & mathematical usage.

watching the detectives’s weekly picks #22.

alas babylon

whenever anybody says anything like
“this vision can only succeed if
we all get on board and do our parts”…
well, all i can hear is “this vision
is doomed to fail”. there’s *no way*
we’re all going to get on board…
we all never got on board with *anything*.
never have so far anyway. history is conflict.
and anyhow, what-you-mean-we, mister politician?

and this is true even for
solomon garfunkel on common core standards
(PDF; from the notices).

they screw you up, your uncle sam.
they ought not mean to, but they do.


belling the cat

calculator thread in walking randomly.

john d.~cook on sliderules.

lindley’s paradox at angrymath.

eric schechter’s common errors file.

few but ripe

exam prep

\bullet MSLC (Math & Stix Learning Center)
\bullet Tim Carlson’s 366 notes for Spring ’09. Proof templates & practice problems. (I found this material very useful in creating my own version of the course.)