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\bulletAn announcement for “The All-New Online Math League”, by The Elementary Educator.


I’ve just printed out No Common Denominator: The Preparation of Elementary Teachers in Mathematics by American’s Education Schools, a new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality. I’ll read it over the weekend. I learned about it in this KTM thread. (I dropped ’em from the blogroll … never said I stopped reading ’em …)

\bulletA deathly ill department: “Mathematics at Flinders” (Terrence Tao in Maths In Oz).
\bulletMathematica turns 20; Wolfram gloats.
\bulletRuben Hersh’s (PDF) “Ethics For Mathematicians” (in Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal #22) deserves a wide audience.

A Place To Stand

Michael J. South’s appears to’ve been mostly about math ed; the little I’ve looked at so far looks pretty useful. It’s in good old-fashioned HTML, so you’ll have to adjust the size of your window to read it easily (this seems to have become something of a lost art). He’s currently blogging at Unconventional Instructional Design (where as far as I’m concerned, he might as well be doing Theology). LeftoverPi claims him as a brother in a sidebar (and I found about the Fulcrum project in this post at that blog…check out “Education’s Bug #1” while you’re there).

Better Still, Vanilla

\bulletBarry Garelick’s “It Works For Me” (Parts 1, II, and III) dates from last year. But I just found it. The type’s way too small.
\bulletAlternative assessment at Coffee and Graph Paper. Wow. If I wanted to try anything like this, I’d have to lie about it.
\bulletIn other Dan-Meyers-related news, here’s “Math-Itude”, by Jackie Continuities.
\bulletCharlotte Mulcare’s “Maths, madness[,] and movies” in the new +Plus.

As Usual

Here’s a recent accidental post on “Fuzziness” in Kitchen Table Math. I dropped KTM from the blogroll last week: there’s very little math there these days and you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere (one needs a reason to endure all the self-righteously overprivileged whining …). Evidently this post was intended for a new blog: Math Without Tears.

Which is itself almost entirely devoted to political matters … but it’s actual politics-of-math-ed stuff (rather than, let’s say for instance, boilerplate freemarketeer union-bashing). We’ll see how it goes.

\bulletA cool thread inspired by “conservapedian math” (at GPD).
\bulletA new magazine about maths for the general public (in the UK): iSquared.

188th Post

This blog turns one year old tomorrow. The fact that my regular audience is in the low single digits is a tremendous disappointment to me. Of course it doesn’t surprise me to be reminded that the world and I have wildly different opinions about what’s interesting … I’m a math major, for heck sake. And sure, I’m not doing it for the greater good of the internet: there ought to be some satisfaction in feeling that I’m the world’s foremost scholar in Early Blathospherics, and indeed there is. Some.

So. I’m not quitting just yet. But once I get the access to the tools, don’t blame me if I go back to just running off a few dozen hardcopies of The Ten Page News and trading ’em in the mail to get my regular fix instead of messing about with this high-tech stuff that’s just gonna disappear like broadcast TV any day now anyhow. We now return you to my personal bookmarks.