188th Post

This blog turns one year old tomorrow. The fact that my regular audience is in the low single digits is a tremendous disappointment to me. Of course it doesn’t surprise me to be reminded that the world and I have wildly different opinions about what’s interesting … I’m a math major, for heck sake. And sure, I’m not doing it for the greater good of the internet: there ought to be some satisfaction in feeling that I’m the world’s foremost scholar in Early Blathospherics, and indeed there is. Some.

So. I’m not quitting just yet. But once I get the access to the tools, don’t blame me if I go back to just running off a few dozen hardcopies of The Ten Page News and trading ’em in the mail to get my regular fix instead of messing about with this high-tech stuff that’s just gonna disappear like broadcast TV any day now anyhow. We now return you to my personal bookmarks.


  1. Well, I’m glad to be one of those regular readers. Let me know if you do get access to the tools…

    And good luck with your “retirement”. Probably smart not to trust that it will still be around in a few years. A lot of promises are being broken these days.

  2. Sultan

    I read the blog all the time. You’ve helped me to understand a lot of the issues that I face myself.

    I don’t think mathematicians ever retire from mathematics. They just get paid less for doing what they would do anyways.

  3. thanks for delurking, sultan;
    you’ve helped *me* to believe
    that all my tippy-tapping at the terminal
    isn’t just vanishing into the bitbucket.

    i’ve traded comments with rolfe schmidt
    several times over the last few months;
    click his name upthread for a one-of-a-kind
    personal blog … my audience might be small,
    but by golly, they’re *outstanding readers*:
    you can tell by the way they write.

  4. Ian

    hey owen – forwarding this blog to pearson – might get you another reader … :-0

  5. Ξ

    I wanted to wish you a (belated) Happy Birthday! It’s no small feat to have kept up with everything for a year, and I can vouch for your links having led me to some interesting sites. Thanks!

  6. It does seem to be a bit of a hard go to blog without much encouragement. Having the feedjit live traffic feed has kept me going. There is a lot of traffic that it picks up that never makes it to the subscriber list or to comments (which you seem to have a lot of – certainly compared to me). Best of luck as you rearrange your work life!

  7. i could never get used to that “feedjit” thing
    though i admit it’s more tempting than just about
    any other updates-in-real-time widget
    (usually these are *worse than useless*
    since, e.g., anything moving on the page
    makes it nearly impossible to read …).

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