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clean-dishes montage


domestic arts in the age of digital distribution.  RIP, vlorblog.  here are some posts mentioning “clean” and “dish”: (courtesy of the “search” feature from that blog).


… but i’ve lost control of that one.
so here it is again. with a photo
from “vlorbik unstrung”.

the music isn’t by me, of course. “stealing”
already-well-known tunes was good enough for
joe hill and woody. and dylan. so it’s good
enough for me.

i easily figured out the main “trick” in playing it
but haven’t practiced it enough (even now) for
public performance.

Photo on 6-3-16 at 10.59 AM

negatively fifth street (2015)

a drifter escaped from a boxcar/ denouncing obviously jive believers/ has a zine about it in the catalog/ but nobody can work the damned randtrievers/ and the cats are praying in the alley/ and the pool shark is chalking up his cue/ an’ i’m out lookin’ for my lady/ down on kirkwood avenue

jesse, he’s round the corner/ buskin in front of the bird/ doesn’t bother him if no-one stops to listen/ doesn’t bother him if they don’t like the words/ and some violence boys might come and beat him down/ and he’ll forgive ’em more than i could ever do/ but that’s nothin compared to what’s goin on/ back on kirkwood avenue

a melancholy cougar/ buys a hoagie from a clown/ there’s a tempest brewing somewhere/ and there’s panthers on the other edge of town/ and the goddess of gloom and the jester/ are doin’, that thing they love to do/ in a video montage/ at the parking garage/ on kirkwood avenue

a cloud of marijuana/ is obscuring the people in the park/ or maybe i’m just losing my eyesight/ or maybe it’s just getting close to dark/ an’ the tournament game was a victory/ so now it’s turnin’ into a zoo/ an’ the riot squad and the thunder god/ are on kirkwood avenue

second draft of 7S_0.0–4
~1500 words.
(the first draft started here.)

Seven Stories: Part Zero

☉  Sun
☽  Moon
♀  Venus
☿  Mercury
♂  Mars
♃  Jupiter
♄   Saturn

On Monday, when Al first shows up for the Symposium,
he finds Betty already there writing in her notebook,
seated nearer to the aisle (up the middle of the room)
than to the door, in the front row.

“All that stuff was already on the Board when I
first got here.  Astrological signs, apparently.
But I wonder why those particular signs
were singled out.”

“Well, I had first-year French five times,”
Al replies.  And he sits down, just to Betty’s right
(Betty appears to be left-handed… but is writing at
a standard right-handed desk of the kind that can
be pulled up [for note-taking] or pushed back down
between seats [for easier moving around]).  From this
position, Al can follow along if Betty should continue
working in her notepad.

“… and it looks to me like ‘Lundi, Mardi, Make-Ready…’,
the days of the week.  We’ve got something like
it in English:  ‘Monday’ is more-or-less obviously
‘Moon-day’… and ‘Sunday’ is even-more-obviously,
the “Day of the Sun”.  But Tuesday and Wednesday
don’t fit in English.”

“Oh, I know that one!  English uses Norse
gods!  So ‘Thursday’ is Thor’s day… just like
that hunky hero in the movies.”

“Oh, I love those movies.  Not so much Thor,
really, but Avengers was amazing… and it’s just
been incredible having ’em make all this stuff about my
favorite comics from when I was a kid and wanted to be
Stan Lee… before your time, obviously.”

“I’m more into the whole ancient-warrior kind of thing,
myself… but some of the superhero stuff is OK.”

“Anyhow, you’re right.  ‘Wednesday’ is ‘Woden’s day’…
they call him ‘Odin’ in the comics… but ‘Frigga’s day’
and ‘Tiu’s’ day are evidently from godesses’
names.  This probably ought to be better-known…
but I sure don’t know much about it…”

When Gemma shows up, she can see that they’re talking
about the symbols on the board.

“Is it OK if I erase all these planets here?”
“Well, hang on,” says Al, “and let me copy
the symbols, over here.” And he picks up
a red marker out of the chalk-gutter and
moves over to the the upper-left-hand corner
of the board.


“Now, wait a minute,” says Betty. “How come
you put Monday first?”

“Well, that’s how it is on my calendar.
With Saturday-and-Sunday at the end.
Anyhow, that’s how I think of it:
Sunday’s the day-of-rest from the Bible;
‘on the seventh day He rested’ and all that.
What I wanna know is: what the heck do you
mean planets? The Sun’s no planet…
and neither is the Moon, for that matter.”

“Well, in ancient times, there were only
these seven objects that moved around
in the sky against the background of the
so-called ‘fixed stars’,” says Gemma.
“What’s that got to do with days of the week?”

Just then Del shows up with his rainbow-painted
guitar and big blue backpack. He raises his head
to glance once at each of the others and finds a seat
way in the back. Then puts his guitar into one
and moves it around until the desk holds it into
the chair. Next he slides his pack off and puts
it into a chair two-over from the one with the guitar,
then sits between the pack and the guitar.
He digs around in the pack for his colored pens
and drawing pad. Saying not a word, Del begins
to draw in the pad without looking again at any
of the others.
Meanwhile, Gemma’s erasing part of the board.

☽ Moon ♂ Mars ☿ Mercury ♃ Jupiter ♀ Venus ♄ Saturn☉ Sun
monday mars-day make-ready jove-day friga-day saturn-day sunday

Al is simultaneously drawing the various symbols
at the other end of the board, along with their
Gods-and-Days identifications.

“You see,” says Gemma, and she looks around the room
trying to make eye-contacts, “it must have had something
to do with the number seven itself: there were
seven celestial objects wandering around in the night sky…
‘planet’ means ‘wanderer’ (or so I’m told)… and seven
days in a week… so the fortune-tellers decided that
maybe each planet should ‘rule a day’, so to speak…
whatever that might turn out to mean, as it were…”

“But wait a minute. No, before that, even.
What’s your name? I see you haven’t got your tag
on…” Al grabs a corner of the nametag hung around
his own neck and wiggles it a little.

“Oh, hi… Al. I’m Gemma. I’ve got it here with me
somewhere.” As she roots around in her purse.

“The thing is, why should there be seven days in a week?
Are you saying they did that because of these
seven so-called ‘planets’ or whatever?”

“I always heard it had something to do with the Moon,”
says Betty. “A month is about 28 days, and”

Al interrupts her with “OK, seven goes into 28. That
makes sense, I suppose.”


And Al sits down again next to Betty.
Gemma finds her nametag in the purse
hanging from her left shoulder and
loops its string over her head. Then she
finds a seat in the second row across the
aisle from Al and Betty. She puts her purse
on the desk.

Betty’s got the notes from the board in her
spiral-bound notebook.

☉ Sun
☽ Mon
♂ Tue
☿ Wed
♃ Thu
♀ Fri
♄ Sat

“It doesn’t make sense this way, though!”
According to Al. “Those are symbols for objects
in the sky, not for days-of-the-week!”

“I disagree”, Betty replies, “the Sun and Moon still
match up with the days even in English, and, like you
said, in French they match up better still.”

“But the genders are wrong, for heck’s sake!
I want it to at least match up to the comics!
Now this
♂ (drawing in her notepad)
I know means Mars… a wargod, even.
That oughta be Thor, on my model: thundergod,
wargod… pretty close fit. But whoever this “Tiu” is,
that Tuesday’s supposed to be for, I am pretty sure
she’s a goddess: wrong sex altogether.”

“Don’t you mean gender?”

“Do I? And Odin-to-Mercury doesn’t make much sense either;
Odin’s the bigshot-in-chief like Saturn ♄ or something;
let’s see… Thor’s his son, so I guess Thursday
oughta be Jupiter ♄, not Mars… okay, good… I
always thought that was game day somehow…”

But Betty isn’t quite following all of this; Eppie and Zed
have come in and are watching the goings-on in Betty’s note-

“What’s going on?”
“What’s going on?” asks Zed. Eppie has
produced a cel-phone meanwhile, and now turns
his back on the seated pair, apparently intending
to photograph the notes on the board.

“Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to bring any
computers to this thing.” Zed to Eppie.

“We haven’t even started yet. Anyhow, the
judges have made their decision; now let ’em
enforce it. Does anybody else actually object if I
use my phone?”

“Oh, right. Here comes mister do-what-thou-wilt-shall-
-be-the-whole-of-the-law again.” Zed again.

“I sure don’t mind” says Betty, and takes her
phone of her pocket. “It doesn’t seem right to me;
of course we can be quite certain that they’re taping us“.
She gestures at the slide-projecter on the ceiling
at the back of the hall. “I’ve got lots of notes
and things on mine.”

Al throws up both hands in a don’t-ask-me! gesture
and turns his upper-body and neck around looking
behind him for Gemma and Del.

“Well maybe we should wait until we get started
before we commit to anything. Does anybody know
who’s supposed to be presenting today?” Gemma says.

Del doesn’t look up at first. But he can somehow
tell anyway that everybody’s looking at him.
“Not me, man.” Still not looking up. “Unless I
get to use this guitar over here.” As he
touches the neck of the guitar and finally glances
quickly at each of the others’ faces. Then looks
directly back at his pad and picks up a marker.

“But what about this cel-phone-usage thing?” Zed.

“Hey, I don’t care either way. I can’t work
the damn things, of course.” Del finally looks directly
at Zed and they size each other up silently for a second.

Betty gets up, pointing at her phone and looking at Eppie.
“The signs of the seven ancient planets were on the board
when we all got here. Al and I were talking about how it
might have something to do with days of the week.”

By the time Etta shows up a few minutes later, Al has moved
to the aisle seat of Gemma’s row. “I thought you were
going to be our speaker when you came in.”

And Zed’s in the back talking to Del.

econ 101

i’m browsing as hard as i can.
but i can’t find any images
as pleasing to my eyes as these.
and yet these are sloppy first takes.
it’s almost as if reality
were more beautiful than the net.
this belongs in the other blog.
who said life is fair.
Photo on 8-10-15 at 3.57 AM

Photo on 8-10-15 at 3.56 AM

Photo on 2014-07-12 at 10.42

Photo on 2014-07-12 at 10.47

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01/06/12 quarterly report after long hiatus

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06/24/12 de profundis listening as punishment

gainfully employed

grading linear algebra again.
so far this quarter, i’ve (1) returned
the text from last quarter (late) and
i’ve (2) gone back and got a different
copy of the same text a week later.
and that’s it… a week and two days
into the semester.

but starting today there’ll be bigfat
envelopes full of homework piling up
in my mailbox. so very likely i’ll be
posting less over in the cooking show
(where i’ve had a pretty good run going
for about a week).


math stood tall: edusolidarity recap at JD’s.

the anti-social network looks pretty promising.

(i couldn’t put this in a comment
for this “log laws” post
at f(t); too long.)

it’s the old principles-versus-procedures problem.
students hate general principles.

i’ve had tutees pay me hundreds
to supervise their homework
who very clearly “tune out”
whenever i try to explain
what’s going in in a general way.

it’s worst when it’s about a topic
they’ve been exposed to before…
the famous “math phobia”. panic
sets in when you realize that
you’re going to expose your ignorance
yet again… about fractions, variables, or
vocabulary (“equations” and “expressions”,
for example)… to name some common
weaknesses for *beginning* algebra.

the tendency is to believe that whatever
this “general principle” thing is that
teachers keep wanting to come back to
is secret-math-head *code* for something
that, if we’d only present it in plain english,
then they’d know how to work the problems
on the test (which had darn well better
be *just like the ones we practiced*).

so we give in and show ’em the “procedures”:
FOIL instead of “repeated distributive law”,
for example… and they *pass* the tests
but get *further behind* in the grand scheme.

“i’ve done OK this far by disregarding
all the math-brains-only *theory*…
and now i’m failing. but i’ll *never*
be a math-brain… good heavens,
i’d have to go back and understand
an *awful lot* of stuff i’ve been
given a pass on all these years!…
it’s the pedagogy! it’s my learning
style! it’s my teacher! math sucks!”

the phenomenon persists at all levels
(that i’ve passed through in learning
math up to my published thesis…
when, sure enough, i still felt myself
an imposter compared to the “real
mathematicians” i’d been working
with in grad school).

“logs” are a particularly interesting case:
otherwise-well-prepared calculus students
are often very weak on logs. hell, every
tenth student has decided they’ll just
go ahead and pretend “ln(x)” is to be
replaced with “1/x” somewhere along
the line no matter how many times
it’s marked wrong.

when “should” students learn about
the abstract, proof-heavy style
of math-rightly-so-called?
the typical student will never
*feel* ready for *any* new idea.
(this should be considered in
any discussion of “developmental


here’s a common-log equation:

log(4) + log(25) = log(x).

and here’s its solution.

10^[log(4) + log(25)] = 10^[log(x)]
10^[log(4)] * 10^[log(25)] = x
4*25 = x

now, kate’s worksheets are great
and i’m not suggesting that anyone
make my approach into their
exhibit A for day-two-of-logs.
so don’t get me wrong.

the point i set out to make when i started…
if i can remember that far back… is that
*no* approach can overcome the simple
fact that our courses are designed to
go *much too quickly* for median-level
students. the good news is that we
can spot talent pretty easily this way:
anybody who can keep up typically
hasn’t “hit the wall” where math
gets *hard*; give ’em an A and
pretend we’ve done something
to be proud of.

my “discrete mathematics” students
last quarter were all calc 2 vets:
future programmers and engineers
and whatnot. and *almost* all of
’em learned quite a bit about
writing proofs. the *easy* thing
here is (of course!) the logic.
(i mean the symbol manipulation;
what all the p’s and q’s have to do
with the “logical structure” of
a given proof is much more obscure
than it appears to non-teachers.)

if *anybody* i’ve ever worked with was
developmentally ready to take on
“show using the definition of logs
that log(a) + log(b) = log(ab)”
as an exercise, it’ll’ve been these
talented hardworking students.

but the resistance was palpable and i folded.
there was… as always… much too much
material (i also had to skip stuff like
“manipulations with sigmas” and
“complete induction”… the class
emerged ready to take on maybe
a third of the exercises in the sections
covered [mostly the easiest ones]).

there *is* no developmental appropriateness
in “real world problem solving”: one needs
a technique that *works* wherever it’s found.

our task as math-teachers-in-schools,
though, is pretty much “preparing students
for yet another class”… and one technique
that “works”, alas, is *hide your weaknesses”.

that idea of “apply some inverse-thingy
on both sides of the equation”? one of
a handful of big ideas in algebra
(along with “variables”, “graphs”,
and “roots of polynomials” and…
well, not much else…)

“look: to undo an *addition*, we do
a *subtraction*… to undo a multiplication,
we do a *division*… and these ideas
were *hard* when we tackled ’em
back in some earlier course.
a little later, we decided that
we wanted to ‘undo’ squares,
and introduced ‘square roots’;
more generally (and about half
the beginning-algebra folks
get lost around the bend in
here somewhere) we’ll need
to undo powers-of-the-variable
like x^K, and introduce Kth roots.
well, then, doggone it, why shouldn’t
the same undo-the-operation
strategy work for K^x?”

i’ve ranted out this mini-lecture
not just to get it out of my system
(for today), but to demonstrate
that one need *not* have any
*formal* understanding of
“inverse function” to use the
method that i’m more or less advocating here.

(indeed, inverses-treated-formally
is a classical crux. “never mind
*why* i solve x = f(y) when i want
a formula for f^{-1}(x)… just show
me *how*!”… one of the most
glaring examples of the
phenomenon known to me.)

okay. this was fun.
haven’t i got a *job* or something?

UPDATE jun17 2020 (can’t f-ing comment…)
kate nowak’s site is gone. evidently she
has something to do with this mess.
k. nowak