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Out Of Phase

\bulletThe 42nd Carnival of Mathematics has been up for a week at The Endeavor but somehow I only went looking for it today.


Also The Best-Understood

Push This Button

\bulletSumming an arithmetic series, by JD (and commenters).
\bulletA student likes Lang’s Algebra. Now I’ve seen everything.
\bulletCompetitors prefer efficient methods: “stacking” at Lefty’s.

Chronic Pain For Dummies

\bulletAlexandre (micromath) Borovik has started a new blog called Save The London Mathematical Society.
\bulletCalculus: The Musical! is coming to Columbus according to today’s e-mail.

A Woman Named Michael

\bulletThe Washington Post is running a series about Math Ed. The single piece I’ve looked at so far had some thoughtful and well-written comments. I’ll be back. (Spotted at GPD).

\bulletMichael Lugo on Rubik’s group.

Very Well I Thank You

\bullet“Scarsdale adopts Singapore Math” (KTM again).
\bulletThe beginning of a series by a pseudonymous search committee member, at YMN.
\bulletAn update on major math-ed journals by Reidar Mosvold.
\bullet“Differential Cryptanalysis”, by Mark C-C.
\bulletTerry Tao notices a piece today in the NYT about disincentives for girls to study maths.

Then Satan First Knew Pain

\bulletJD’s outlook on teaching math.
\bulletSome critical thinking about “Everyday Mathematics” (KTM).