Well, That’s Your Trouble Right There

\bulletBarry Garelick’s “It Works For Me” (Parts 1, II, and III) dates from last year. But I just found it. The type’s way too small.
\bulletAlternative assessment at Coffee and Graph Paper. Wow. If I wanted to try anything like this, I’d have to lie about it.
\bulletIn other Dan-Meyers-related news, here’s “Math-Itude”, by Jackie Continuities.
\bulletCharlotte Mulcare’s “Maths, madness[,] and movies” in the new +Plus.


  1. Why would you have to lie about it?

  2. Barry Garelick

    Actually you did find my three part article last year and had commented on same at Vlorbik.com that the “fight the reader” format wasn’t my fault. I appreciate being let off the hook. Unfortunately EdNews.org chooses that particular style. But just so you know, I am reworking the article for possible publication in American Educator.

  3. BG: quite right; november 7 of last year.
    i’ll let *myself* partly off the hook of not
    having recognized it … it *was* kinda familiar
    and, of course, the only way to get a message
    across in this crazy world is to say the same
    thing over and over … so i just figured,
    when searching my own site came up empty
    (from spelling “garelick” wrong?), that this
    was one more example of that kind of thing.

    jackie: the department specifies pretty rigid
    guidelines for how to allot credit in each course.
    one is allowed to wiggle around a little:
    “up to 10%” of the course grade for homework, say …
    but this is just a gesture in the direction
    of some vestigial notion of academic freedom.
    there’s a perceived need to make all the versions
    of each (low-level) course match all the rest
    even though this is the *one way* we know for sure
    *doesn’t* work for most of our students …
    or maybe one should say *because* it’s the one way.
    thanks for asking.

  4. David

    I [am prospectively, pending schedule finalization] teach elementary statistics again in the fall. I have a lot of latitude in assessment, and last fall I employed a style vaguely reminiscent of C&GP’s [except much grosser and clumsier]. I’m going to do it again, and better this time.

  5. thanks for stopping by;
    i envy you the latitude
    (if not the statistics class itself).
    there’s a follow-up post at c&gp, btw …

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