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Classes Start Tomorrow

\bullet“On the Importance of Mathematics”: video and text of a lecture by T. Gowers, at MATH-BLOG.
\bullet“The challenges facing mathematical education” at (the old) MUtM.


State Of The Blogroll

As of right now, there are 143 entries in my blogroll (and another 84 in the “inactive” category). I’ve been doing some maintenance and wanted to know. It’s getting sort of hard to keep up, I don’t mind telling you.

Never Enough

\bulletYet another favorite math books thread, at the Unapologetic.
\bulletWhich led me to these reviews, by Kenn Knowles.
\bulletThis (PDF) editorial (“DARPA and Hilbert”) in the April Notices cites the n-Category CafĂ©! (Badly; they mean this page but cite only the site.)
\bulletI somehow missed last month’s FToC flamewar at the Unapologetic. But I’ll read it all real soon, you bet.

\bulletA discussion of style in proofs at Ars Mathematica.
\bulletHey, check it out: Math Panel Watch is back from the dead.

The National Math Panel will webcast a discussion tomorrow morning. Of course I’ll miss it.


Series, Curves, and Vectors

I’ve begun a series of lecture notes for my upcoming Calculus III class.

Sacred Chao