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this i vow. i believe in the power of symbolic-objects-carefully-defined. in the power of “math”, in other words. and the holiest-of-all-math-holies i swear i will keep most sacred.

oh, equal sign! great in perfection!
none are like thee in the power to reveal!
no not “continuity” nor “magnitude”…
nor even “quantity”… nay, *nothingness*!…
not even “infinity”…
how are we to speak
how are we to write
how are we to think…

& who’ll understand *any* parable
that won’t understand that there
even *are* any parables…

it depends what the meaning of “is” is.

and the meaning of “is”, is, dammit, “is”.

otherwise, fuck it. what is *wrong*
with these undergraduates? happy christmas.
or whatever.

and a very new year.


at 12:12 on 12/12/12, i’ll’ve been here in the
math-tower office cranking out final exam grades.
(they’re not looking real good.)

“12:12 12/12/12” caused google to report
18 billion results (in a fifth of a second).

getting back to work.