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\sharp \{ (v_1, v_2, \ldots , v_k) \in (\{ j\}_{j=1}^{n})^k \mid [a \not= b] \Rightarrow [v_a \not= v_b]\}=
{{n!}\over{(n-k)!}} = \null_n P_k.
— the number of “permutations of k things
from a set of n” (“en-permute-kay”, in its
most convenient say-it-out-loud version);
the number of ways to make an (ordered)
*list* of k (distinct) things chosen from
a set of n things. one has known this from,
well, time immemorial. but never written
it out in straight-up *set* notation
until today.

now it’s on page 5 of my “bogart”.
(_introductory_combinatorics_, kenneth
p.~bogart, 1983; mine’s a recent acquisition
from the math complex, once of the
“bertha halley ross collection” according
to its bookplate. that turns out to have
been mrs. arnold ross, late of the OSU
[an all-time giant in recruiting new talent
into mathematics, founder of the “ross program”].
you can see from the edges of the pages that
somebody read it up to chapter six and stopped.
they didn’t write on the pages though.
[but that’s being put right now.])

and cranking out suchlike “set code” *is* fun
and easy… for me. showing somebody how to
*read* it? fun but *not* easy. showing some-
body how to *write* it? well… how would i
*know*? (how would *anyone*?)


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i’m going to SPACE next week.

it’s columbus ohio, so the list
narrows down pretty quick:
the “arnold classic”, SPACE,
and, um, let’s see… there
*must* have been something

“ameriflora”, maybe, in your
dreams. “miracle mile”, back
from the “miracle” days of
the long-gone late-great
thriving american working class
that shopped (until it dropped)
there. no. never mind.

the chief attraction of columbus
for *me* is that this is where
i *am* (moving around… or
even moving *stuff* around…
is *much* harder than they’d
have you believe…; & of course
the *next* best thing about
columbus is that *madeline*
lives here (and our happy home
*is* our happy home, much to
my surprise). and *staying*
here keeps me this way (happy).
it’s (1) cold (2) cruel
world (3) out there.

the (very existence of)
the billy ireland museum is,
enough to put columbus *somewhere* on
the comics “map”… and there’s already
a better list of local-and-quasi-nearby
talent at the “space” site… so let
me just give a shout-out to ray (!!) t
and “max ink” (still working as far as
i know); one more for glen brewer (even
though i think glen has quit the scene;
his _askari_hodari_ was, for me, very
much a local highlight).

everybody knows about _bone_;
it won’t escape my notice here
that the astonishing paul hornschemeier
lived here, too, when he was getting
started and i met him (and he drew
a cover for my zine gratis… eat
your hearts out). in fact, ghod
*bless* columbus. good night.

solomon wins steele prize

story at OSU.
his lecture notes in abstract algebra are exemplary
(as i know from my grading gig in galois theory
last quarter). congratulations, ron!

you could look it up

i didn’t swipe this

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when i drew this

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… but of course the *idea* has been around for centuries.
i did *learn* a lot from _the_fundamental_concepts_of_geometry_
(bruce e. meserve). it’s a cheap dover reprint
and a masterpiece of clear exposition.
*everybody* oughta have one of these…
just like a bible, a shakespeare, and a dictionary. i’ll bet
the matching algebra book is good too… but i’ve got
*lots* of good algebra books.

Is Everybody Seeing This?

Because I don’t believe anything I see on the web since g’gle went all here’s-your-version. But it sure looks like the talldarkandmysterious archive is back. She’s, like, my mathblog idol. Boy, she was good.