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somewhere in all this “desargues” stuff
i claimed that i don’t have the skill to draw
the “symmetric” version on the diagonals of
a dodecahedron (or, equivalently, on pairs-
-of-opposite-faces of an icosa… as shown here).

well, now i can prove it. the notes are already
posted i guess. i’m going on not much sleep &
anyhow, the *really* awesome stuff is guitar-
-music mostly these days. lectures-without-
-words is just something to do in between
tabbing-out arrangements for simple tunes.
you know my methods, watson.

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name that tune

too bad son nee boh no did n’t
watch out for that tree
but i say
it’s O K
bet ter him than me.

get it?—
how ’bout now? :

who says zarathustra is a
better man than me?
friedrich N

okay. if that doesn’t do it
for you, you’re too young.

Y O Y O Y.

see you next week.

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up top, th’ “2-string saints”—
you know the one… how i want
to be in that number… oh when
the saints go mar, ching, in.
that one.

below that, fresh today (and indeed
*unfinished* if i have anything to
say about it): drone-string willie.

here is the you-tube: blind willie mc~tell
with guitar-giant mark knopfler
on guitar & dylan on piano & vocals.

aren’t they great. back to me.
the thing here is, there’s this
guitar right here with only two
strings. and, as it turns out,
even *that’s* too complicated
(for my purpose right now): so.
let the low (“6th”) string just
*drone on* and bang out the melody
on the high string (the “5th”).

one can use big sweeping right-hand
“strums” in doing this; much easier
than some brain-torture right-hand
*finger-picking* arrangement, say,
and more *fun* (and, undoubtedly,
more *filmic* in case one should
ever stand on a stage again…). but
really, the point… *a* point…
is that one can begin to get some
*feeling* into the g-d d-mn thing.

like all blues songs this songs about
how much it hurts to play this song.

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the light quite pleasantly falls on
the notepad and the electric guitar.
(and, up from there, a shot of “bob”
—dylan, of course, the soul of the
age…and, above that, blurry *and*
glare-y, some shots of cheryl tiegs
[wiki]—the iconic cover-girl of my
adolescence & young-adulthood.
never mind that.)

oh, and those milk-crates.
i forget where i got those.
anyway the statute has expired.

no, the *point* here is, again,
the notepad and the guitar…
and the chair an the coffee cup
(okay, it’s a “measuring” cup
on its face… *i* say it’s a
coffeecup…); the *point* is
it’s all in there scrunched up
where i can hunch over with the
guitar in my lap *and* write out
the “tabs”—or, more recently,
one-string *lists of notes*
(in “number” form first; but also
“letter” form [C to shining C] and
recently with “fingerings” added
and even up-and-down “stroke”
notations). anyhow. if all goes
well, one can sit there in that
chair with everything *right there
at hand* and grind out breakthroughs.

the vlorbik hymnal

wordpress is messing with me big-time.  i may be bailing for good.  i mean it this time.  forced editor-“upgrade”.  curses.

meanwhile.  many like it, this one mine.  don’t *you* steal one from *your* church (necessarily).  the important features for this brief post are that in this copy, hymns 38, 205-206, 233, & 259 are “tabbed” by my hand for solo guitar.  

by title, morning has broken, amazing grace!, bring a torch (jennette isabella), & we three kings.  that’s it.  the interface is broken again and my patience is very thin as usual.

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a kid with a hammer thinks
everything looks like a nail
when you most need to succeed
that’s when you’ll fail
then when you knead the dough
the check’s in the mail
so you can’t raise the bail
and you rot in jail

if you give just a little
they want a lot
then they’ll be back for stuff
you ain’t even got
you get to the end of the page
and make a big ink-blot
right when a thing gets ripe
it starts to rot
you do what they told you to do
to get through but ya don’t
you get er alone an yr hopin she will
but she won’t
just when you think you can’t lose
you find you can’t win
just when you think you’re out
they pull ya back in

i don’t know the name of the tune,
so here it is in one-string code.

0 0 E 9 7 5
E E 9 7 5 4
9 9 7 5 4 2
2 4 4 5 7
the bold-face means “+12”, btw.

of course i’m not going to try to render
the three-string “tabs” into HTML.
but they’ve been there the longest.
the single-string arrangement typed out
above, & found at the bottom of the page,
came quite bit later. the lyrics were
in-between. anyhow. what i *haven’t*
done here… but have recently *taken*
to doing… is to put in the “fingering”.
as you can kind of see in this post
from earlier today, the notation here
is {o, i, m, a} for “open”, “index”,
“middle”, and “annular” (i.e. “ring”).
it meant something else when i learned it
from a pro guitar teacher but never mind.
it works if you work it.

g-string birthday

G A G B . . . )

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almost-symmetric desargues’ theorem.
(7-color version)

5 “flat” and 5 “tall” triangles
arranged as the 10 “intersection points”
of a (so-called) pentagram.

thus far the black-and-white “underlying
diagram” (which i probably should have
photographed before coloring it in and
erasing it… it was the best b&w version
i’ve done so far, i think… oh well…).

the b&w *already* “tells the story” (if you
know how to look): the ten “triangles” are
in the ten “positions” on the “big picture”
diagram in such a way that, mutatis mutandis
(read “line” for “triangle” & “point” for
“position, to wit), one has the well-known
points-&-lines “duality” exhibited in
purely *graphical* form: not only a
“lecture without words”, but a “lecture”,
if you will, without *code itself*.

so it’d be a pretty awesome picture, done right,
&’d make a good art project for somebody patient
enough to make actual measurements & stuff.

as would the colorized version.
so, briefly.

the letters {a, b, … , j}
are posted in “positions” in such a way
that the when the “triangles”
{abc, ade, afg, bdh, … , ijk}
are “placed in” the appropriate positions
(as is done here)
one has each letter-triple in the position
of its *dual* letter (“a” to “ijk”, eg.;
one should probably look at some other
diagram at about this point).
now replace all the letters with colors
according to the scheme pictured at right.
(whose connection with the “fano plane”
[& “vlorbik’s 7 color theorem”] is solid
but we don’d have to go into it here.)

happy neighborhood of yr b’day.
thanks for your part in, you know,
teaching me to read & bringing me
back from the dead and all that.

here’s your “virtual lanyard”.

PS the *actually* symmetric version has
the ten “lines” modeled as *diagonals
of an dodecahedron* (the “diameters”
connecting opposite vertices; there
are of course 20 such…);
the “asymmetric” (textbook) version
has a *marked* point (and, of course,
a “marked” dual line…); never mind…

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the whole DAADD file.

12/31/09 the man went to earth and looked again.
fresh-bread nostalgia.

02/11/10 daadd part ii kitchen photo.
with madeline. several other photos are here
passed over in silence. well, almost.

03/11/10 daadd v. photo: flower & ingredients.

03/31/10 daadd vi. against kitchen cabinets.

04/06/10 daadd n+1. selfie with “legion” the mac-book.

01/10/13 for dishwasher pete dishwashing ramble.

01/11/13 kitchen-sink stirfry. verbose recipe.
followed by a concise recipe.

01/13/13 the right tool for the job. photo: big enough beer-glass.
ramble: all the arts are one art.

01/14/13 spicerack closeup. photo; “spices” ramble.

02/03/13 first-ever fried drumstick. my next one will be better.

02/13/13 two guys named ray, long ago. also potatoes.
the 60s; the 70s.

08/31/13 cooking is a better fate than grading.
longish. “revenge” salad.

03/12/14 impossible things before breakfast.
one of a series of “drying dishes” photos.

03/12/14 later there was stir-fry.
shot of sunlit shelves; short “shelving” ramble.

03/19/14 soup pot with love & squalor. home sweet home.

03/27/14 second load today. dishes again; recipe.

04/03/14 juice of 3 lemons. drying dishes; food ramble.
am i getting *through* to you?

04/13/14 dᴉlɔ-ƃɐq. cool trick, hunh. photo; lemonade.

04/13/14 my “peppers” technique is unstoppable.
dishes photo; stir-fry recipe.

… many more to go. stopping for today.

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