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Photo on 8-30-14 at 9.10 AM

recall that the primaries R, Y, & B,
together with the secondaries P, O, & G,
and the ideal M (“mud”) can be put in
the “mister big pie, oh” (don’t quit ohio)
order (and looped around pacman style endlessly):
the result, very pleasingly to me, is that the
“lines” of the 7-color-fano-plane can be computed
using “two steps forward, one step back” (so that
by selecting, say, “B” as our “starting point” we
get “P” by stepping forward twice and “R” by stepping
back once;
one confirms on the drawing… or verifies by computation…
that {P, R, B} do indeed form a “line” (the point is that
*all seven* “lines” can be found this way [start at any of
the seven colors and “do” 2-up-1-down as above]).

the lines (dropping scarequotes) are
the “blends” {R, O, Y}, {Y, G, B}, and {B, P, R},
the “blurs” {M, R, G}, {M, O, B}, and {M, P, Y},
and the Ideal {P, O, G}.

i’m pointing at some lines on
the MRBGPYO nested-circles diagram.

our medium is color on canvas.


central ohio tour update

mond’y’s USA labor day
& campus is closed. so
i *won’t* be visiting.
stephen “the phlatt rascal”?
might be doing the usual
monday night variety show
or not; you won’t learn it
from me. here. now.

skynet permitting

i’m planning on a campus trip monday
so look for me at bernie’s afterwards.
i might even stay for the monday medley.
anyhow, *i’ll* plan on banging around
a bit out on the smoker’s deck or what-

cool cartoons found on th’ Book.
the mirror post

stop making sense

Photo on 8-22-14 at 4.40 PM

nothing is better than this… issit?

songwriting 201

Photo on 8-19-14 at 11.55 AM

our medium is handwriting. but
*don’t* trust even this little
bit of score; i can’t keep a beat
*even in real life*… not like a
drummer, say… with my rhythmic
body and *darn well* haven’t learned
how to put the *numbers* in.
syllable counts and beat counts just
blur up fast when i try to get a handle
on suchlike matters so i always give up
right away.

but scribbling out this display here
*was* helpful in learning to play the
damn thing out note-by-note. (i’ve been
wandering around the house singing this
for a few weeks now).