this is becoming very tiring

*most* of the exercises i’ve been marking
are… pretty obviously… somebody *else’s* work.
it becomes very tedious making corrections when
the alleged readers haven’t even taken the trouble
to try to understand whatever source document
they’re copying from.

a “2” turns magically into a “3”. what was mere
sloppiness in the source becomes *contempt for the
grader* in the BS-artists who unthinkingly copy it
over. how stupid do you think i *am*, just because
i fucking work here?

sure, i get it. everybody *else* is trying your patience.
they’ll pile on work just to see how devoted you are.
college is fucked; i get it. but this is the math
department and lies just won’t fly.

get with the program or get gone.


  1. suevanhattum

    Has this been happening in previous semesters? If not, I’m guessing it’s more ‘contempt for the teacher’ than for the – mostly invisible – grader.

  2. somebody else

    several different sections with different profs
    having different styles and expectations…
    “contempt for the *process*” might better
    describe the situation. to some extent,
    of course, such contempt is natural and
    even somewhat justified: *almost all*
    schoolwork is utter crap doing nobody
    any good. one wishes for (linear algebra)
    students understanding that math is *different*.
    but in suchlike large-section “weeder” courses
    it simply *can’t* be *as* different as i’d like…

    it’s been very hard to motivate myself to write
    out corrections in enough detail to do any good.
    seeing silly “carelessness”-generated mistakes
    propagated across entire teams of students
    interferes with whatever motivation i’ve got
    pretty severely. still, if i *don’t* actually say
    *what’s gone wrong* in correcting papers…
    just giving ’em a big red X and a smaller
    number than they’d’ve liked… i won’t feel
    that i even *might* have taught anybody
    anything at all in an entire quarter of grading
    several hundred pages a week…

    if only one could *slow down*: “let’s get
    *these few* things as right as we possibly

  3. suevanhattum

    Yep. I was glad to see earlier that it was possible to like grading. But your current state of mind is what I’d have expected. The work does not sound fun to me. Hugs…

  4. somebody else

    invisible? yes, as a person. and this is *fine* with me,
    believe me. but *my* handwriting is *almost all* the
    feedback these folks are going to get all quarter about
    their work (and this is *obvious*). *i* know that a human
    person (invisible to *me*), whose time is valuable,
    created the document i’m scribbling red ink all over
    during this process and i (almost always) take this
    into consideration in creating my scribbles.
    would that they would treat me similarly.

  5. wow, that was fast. i was just about to log in at long last to create a link to your MT@P post and spotted (finally) your post of june 3… only to receive your reply to my reply before i’d even finished my immediate follow-up. thanks for the hugs. one *does* get discouraged. very likely i’ll be unemployed all summer though and raring to go next quarter even if it’s “grade five linear algebra sections” again…

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