I’ve Been Saying This For Years

But I’m not Seymour Lipschutz. Go read his (PDF) letter in the new Notices: there are plenty of very usable textbooks out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg if we were only willing to use the damn things.

Here’s my letter to UME Trends (1996; shrink the window to the size of a column); also Moebius Stripper’s “Where Textbooks Come From” (2006), which led me to Tamim Ansary’s priceless piece on “The Muddle Machine” (hey, I’ve just found a comment thread). Then there’s “Who Controls Textbook Choices” (Elia Powers) and maketextbooksaffordable.org. If you’d been reading my other blog, you’d know all this already.


  1. blind mc-corporate whorepigs at co9,
    via the weird-but-interesting
    “possibly related posts” feature
    recently introduced by wordpress.
    also a chronicle piece (5/07).

  1. 1 Outlines for textbook affordability « Casting Out Nines

    […] for textbook affordability 8 12 2007 Via Vlorbik, here’s a letter to the editor (PDF) of the AMS Notices by Seymour Lipschutz extolling the […]

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