\bulletI spotted this LEGO® Difference Engine right here at Wild About Math!.
\bulletI’d seen Andrew Lipson’s Mathematical Lego Sculptures page already but misplaced it until now. Here’s more by Andrew Lipson. This Escher-inspired construction is priceless.
\bulletAn MS Word file on Math & Lego by Eugenia Cheng.
\bulletEric Harshbarger has some Lego puzzles (and much more).
\bulletSøren Eilers disputes a calculation in the Lego literature.
\bulletUnderstanding Lego Geometry (Mario & Julio Ferrari).


  1. And to think I was impressed by a marble binary adder. That difference engine is something.

    You might also like this lego orrery.

  2. that binary adder is pretty impressive;
    reminds me of a toy i had as a kid.

    and orreries are cool … but is it *lego*?

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