morning ramble

three potatoes so far this morning… one for me,
grated peels-on directly into the bacongrease, and
two (smallish ones) for madeline, peeled and, more
or less, diced. in a slightly later batch of grease.

the actual bacon went (mostly) into a tossed salad, yet
to be consumed. (some of it was eaten on the spot.)
meanwhile, a load of dishes already put away before
breaking out the camera (i.e., this un-named mac-book
of madeline’s)… and the load shown here, with lots of
glorious glass.

the other two shots show two of the “edges” (if you will)
of our kitchen-to-general-living-area interface. the jars
at the bottom of the busted-up shelves near floor-level are
structural; one can see the tear in the shelf they’re hold-
ing up (just under the big pot). one can also make out one
of my manymany “7-color plane” diagrams in this shot.

also i banged out a few newish licks in double-drop-D tuning.
and watched an ep of mr.~and mrs.~north. here is an old ramble
of mine with a funny guitar-tuning in it. i’m doing a lot more
of that kind of thing these days. for streaming ancient TV,
you’re on your own.


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