a bad spell of wether

the blog next door was once known as
“owen’s cooking show”… and i thought
of it as my “home page”. but, praise
internet, i don’t get to edit that one
any more. it was also once called
“vlorbik’s diner”.

Photo on 5-12-15 at 11.15 AM

this blog right here, meanwhile, was
(mostly) about mathy stuff. when i
had a career… or even had any hope
of a paycheck *job*… it was usually
something about math-education. yaah.
goodbye to all that.

& meanwhile, as part of the cooking-show
aspect… it was secretly never the whole
story… of the previous blog, i created
a category called DAADD
“domestic arts in the age of digital
distribution”. and i propose now to
continue more-or-less in its vein (the
now-lost blog that was once called
“open a vein”). welcome to “vlorbik’s
pigfat diner”.


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