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all from vlorbik’s diner (blog by me 2009–2016). see yesterday’s post for similar stuff from here. 08/03/09 no promises to keep: into the music. 08/12/09 blues of the hour: lyrics (12 lines). 08/19/09 lies of the program theory-&-technique in teaching. 09/02/09 letting i dare not… songwriting notes. 09/03/09 wet snotty bawling: french musical; 10-beat scansion. […]

(with brief comments) 01/13/11 our medium is handwriting: (3) photos of hand-drawn fretboards; diagrams-into-code. 01/18/11 time considered as a mod-12 sequence: improvised web-typographic diagrams for the guitar neck; rambling. 01/26/11 music theory ramble: long. “sunshine of your love” in relative-vlorbik notation. (much) more. 08/19/14 songwriting 201you know my methods, watson. 11/28/15 mel bay upside down […]

at least one stranger “liked” last week’s hell hound on my trail, so here’s another guitar-neck diagram in the same format. this one’s in “open G” tuning: DGDGBD (“dog dug bed”). in key-neutral notation one has 0-5-12-17-21-24 (“half steps” above the lowest note). (the thing to memorize here is probably the gaps-between-strings: 5, 7; 5, […]

here’s a diagram showing some of the notes for a guitar tuned in “open D” tuning. i posted it if f-book not long ago but of course one soon loses all track of whatever is posted there. three “inside strings” (the 3, 4, & 5; marked here with a purple “{” [a “set-bracket” to me; […]

morning ramble

three potatoes so far this morning… one for me, grated peels-on directly into the bacongrease, and two (smallish ones) for madeline, peeled and, more or less, diced. in a slightly later batch of grease. the actual bacon went (mostly) into a tossed salad, yet to be consumed. (some of it was eaten on the spot.) […]

five-string exercise for guitar (lose the sixth string.) tune the fifth up a half-tone higher (than its usual “A”, to B-flat [or A-sharp; B-flat to us today]): X B♭ D G B E. so far. now we’re gonna “barre” four strings more or less throughout the rest. in “across the universe” notation, playing [[X,0,1,1,1,1]]— i.e., […]

so let’s take this puppy for a spin. [[0,0,1,2,2,0]] =[[E]] the “standard E-chord” learned by every beginner i know about. (i learned it at lesson one: “the house of the rising sun”; Am, C, D, F, Am, C, E Am, C, D, F, Am, E, Am. [thanks, darrell!]) i threw the notation out on the […]

E__F__*__G__*__A__*__B__C__*__D__*__E B__C__*__D__*__E__F__*__G__*__A__*__B G__*__A__*__ B__C__*__D__*__E__F__*__G D__*__E__F__*__G__*__A__*__B__C__*__D A__*__B__C__*__D__*__E__F__*__G__*__A E__F__*__G__*__A__*__B__C__*__D__*__E so here’s a picture of the neck of a guitar. i’ve been drawing it a lot; here it is in cold type. it looks all wrong already and will no doubt be munged up altogether by the miracle of the god-damn internet by the time anyone sees it. […]