i fought the law and the law won

i’ve probably understood your remarks…
but thanks for the clarifications anyway.

i *certainly* didn’t think you’d asked me
to abandon my (long-cherished) handwriting

or to comment less.

*that*, i’m just admitting to myself,
is the only way i can get through
duties like this: grind away like
some team of grad students on some
late night, all in a huge hurry (the
“grading parties” that make huge
classes possible [multiple-choice
“objective” tests having long ago
been judged too, um, objective…
or maybe it was too “harsh”]).

and as to the tone. if i speak in
any other voice than my own, well.
it’ll not’ve been what i spent my entire
working life and much of my real life
trying to be as clear as possible about
what i’m trying to say, for.

if i forget jerusalem let my right hand lose its cunning.

i’d be thrilled to discuss specific examples
(with the actual paperwork in front of
us, face to face, in the best case).
i’m the only person i know about who
actually *reads* upper-division student work
in mathematics in any large quantities.
i’ve found much to be learned from
such reading more or less of course
but like most learning it’s *hard work*.
almost all college faculty will find that
they’ve got lots of better ways to spend
their time (and i sure don’t blame them;
specifically, i’m not about to try to get
*you* to change any part of *your* style;
indeed, if lecturers were to be made to do
this kind of stuff, i’d be out of a job).

getting back to work (other broken deadlines).


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