watching the detectives’s weekly picks #22.

  1. Wow! I had seen, but hadn’t subscribed to their weekly picks blog yet. I might be doomed. (At some point there will be more to read than is humanly possible.) Thanks. (I guess.) ;^)

  2. they’ve definitely matured.

    “cover the whole mathblog field”
    was my unstated mission in early days
    of this blog (then known as “vlorbik on
    math ed”).

    the field was *much* smaller then and
    a single human could hope to do it
    (for some admittedly personal version
    of “the whole field”). mathblogging grew
    exponentially more or less of course
    and anyway blogging went to hell
    when “feeds” and tweets and so on
    took people’s attention away.

    but these guys really seem to have
    achieved something very like my old goal
    even in this vastly tougher environment.
    when i first saw it back in january
    it was just a toy.

  3. Thank you for the compliment. Speaking for all of us at, we’re glad that our little project is helping the math blogging community.

    There’s a big update due, mostly under the hood, and then we can finally update our database to ~400 feeds (300+ of which are bloggers in the classical sense).

    Compared to the science blogosphere, mathematics is still pretty small though ;) (check out to see what I mean).

  4. another math aggravator:

    “primers” & other good exposition:

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