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Mathman’s Silver Hammer

\bulletCarnival of Mathematics #44, by Edmund Harriss.
\bulletThe inimitable C. Shalizi debunks some Statistics Abuse. (Cosma’s an old-school keep-it-simple HTML-by-hand kinda guy; shrink the window to the size of a column for easy reading.)
\bulletJ. Fisher on “The Appeal to Common Practice” (sometime this month).


Out Of Phase

\bulletThe 42nd Carnival of Mathematics has been up for a week at The Endeavor but somehow I only went looking for it today.

Very Well I Thank You

Not Dead, Just Resting

Breathe In, Breathe Out

\ duly posted th’ 38th carny way back when last I posted (I seem to’ve broken the back of my Internet addiction pretty effortlessly there, hunh?). More recently, this knot theory post proved that it’s not just cats and synthesizers (and carnys).
\bulletThen Carnival of Mathematics #39 appeared in (the previously unknown-to-me) It’s the Thought that Counts.

Jeans & Tees

\bulletBlake Stacey’s “Survey For Curmudgeons”.
\bulletEfrique Ecstathy on “Fighting Mathiness”.
\bulletTimothy Chow on “Out-of-print math books” (at What’s New).
\bulletMark C-C’s take on repeated addition.
\bulletOh, and Carnival #37, at Logic Nest.

Back From The Dead