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for five bucks you can get a quarter’s worth of popcorn at a kitsch shop at the mall in the seven colors of the MRBGPYO hexagon-plus-center of the “color wheel”. that, and a cup of coffee. PS: i’m not altogether sure that my Mud kernel isn’t actually just a deep Purple. ah, well. soon i’ll […]

recall that the primaries R, Y, & B, together with the secondaries P, O, & G, and the ideal M (“mud”) can be put in the “mister big pie, oh” (don’t quit ohio) order (and looped around pacman style endlessly): MRBGPYOMRBGPYOM…; the result, very pleasingly to me, is that the “lines” of the 7-color-fano-plane can […]

here in the middle are the seven colors in “mister big -oh” (from ohio) order: MRBGPYO (mud, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange). i’ve drawn the “line” (which appears as a triangle) formed by “marking” the purple vertex and performing the “two steps forward and one step back” procedure: one easily verifies that {G, O, […]

okay. not so much a theorem as a simple brute *fact*… a perfectly *obvious* fact but one that i managed to overlook for years. (this kind of thing happens all the time of course.) **Directions let “clockwise” be the “positive” direction (for this post only; the usual [trig class] convention is to use the opposite […]

here’s a hex board with seven icons on it; each icon has seven colors; the seven permutations of colors-into-hexes (each icon has seven hexes) can be considered as the objects of a cyclic group. specifically { () = \identity (1234567) = \psi (1357246)= \psi^2 (1473625)=\psi^3 (1526374)=\psi^4 (1642753)=\psi^5 (1765432)=\psi^6 }. (of course one has \psi^7=\identity, etcetera… […]