what makes todays homes so appealing

Photo on 8-7-20 at 8.50 AM.jpg

the light quite pleasantly falls on
the notepad and the electric guitar.
(and, up from there, a shot of “bob”
—dylan, of course, the soul of the
age…and, above that, blurry *and*
glare-y, some shots of cheryl tiegs
[wiki]—the iconic cover-girl of my
adolescence & young-adulthood.
never mind that.)

oh, and those milk-crates.
i forget where i got those.
anyway the statute has expired.

no, the *point* here is, again,
the notepad and the guitar…
and the chair an the coffee cup
(okay, it’s a “measuring” cup
on its face… *i* say it’s a
coffeecup…); the *point* is
it’s all in there scrunched up
where i can hunch over with the
guitar in my lap *and* write out
the “tabs”—or, more recently,
one-string *lists of notes*
(in “number” form first; but also
“letter” form [C to shining C] and
recently with “fingerings” added
and even up-and-down “stroke”
notations). anyhow. if all goes
well, one can sit there in that
chair with everything *right there
at hand* and grind out breakthroughs.


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