vlorbik teaches guitar

Photo on 8-7-20 at 11.37 AM.jpg

up top, th’ “2-string saints”—
you know the one… how i want
to be in that number… oh when
the saints go mar, ching, in.
that one.

below that, fresh today (and indeed
*unfinished* if i have anything to
say about it): drone-string willie.

here is the you-tube: blind willie mc~tell
with guitar-giant mark knopfler
on guitar & dylan on piano & vocals.

aren’t they great. back to me.
the thing here is, there’s this
guitar right here with only two
strings. and, as it turns out,
even *that’s* too complicated
(for my purpose right now): so.
let the low (“6th”) string just
*drone on* and bang out the melody
on the high string (the “5th”).

one can use big sweeping right-hand
“strums” in doing this; much easier
than some brain-torture right-hand
*finger-picking* arrangement, say,
and more *fun* (and, undoubtedly,
more *filmic* in case one should
ever stand on a stage again…). but
really, the point… *a* point…
is that one can begin to get some
*feeling* into the g-d d-mn thing.

like all blues songs this songs about
how much it hurts to play this song.


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