the golden notebook

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a kid with a hammer thinks
everything looks like a nail
when you most need to succeed
that’s when you’ll fail
then when you knead the dough
the check’s in the mail
so you can’t raise the bail
and you rot in jail

if you give just a little
they want a lot
then they’ll be back for stuff
you ain’t even got
you get to the end of the page
and make a big ink-blot
right when a thing gets ripe
it starts to rot
you do what they told you to do
to get through but ya don’t
you get er alone an yr hopin she will
but she won’t
just when you think you can’t lose
you find you can’t win
just when you think you’re out
they pull ya back in

i don’t know the name of the tune,
so here it is in one-string code.

0 0 E 9 7 5
E E 9 7 5 4
9 9 7 5 4 2
2 4 4 5 7
the bold-face means “+12”, btw.

of course i’m not going to try to render
the three-string “tabs” into HTML.
but they’ve been there the longest.
the single-string arrangement typed out
above, & found at the bottom of the page,
came quite bit later. the lyrics were
in-between. anyhow. what i *haven’t*
done here… but have recently *taken*
to doing… is to put in the “fingering”.
as you can kind of see in this post
from earlier today, the notation here
is {o, i, m, a} for “open”, “index”,
“middle”, and “annular” (i.e. “ring”).
it meant something else when i learned it
from a pro guitar teacher but never mind.
it works if you work it.


  1. since then there’s a “platinum”
    and a “uranium” notebook as
    well & i can play the heck out
    of a one-string (acoustic).

  2. oh. and i’ve played that bit on the front page in two different zoom meetings of UUCE church.

  3. rick & nick liked this lick
    so that’s pretty nice
    now if it scans & rhymes
    they might sit through it twice

    take what you love to the church
    if you can and share it
    there’s nothing else in the world
    with which to compare it

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