“zines” archive (as of now)

the whole thing.

annotated contents

10/22/16 now with less spam: blue car, blue car (1998):
eleven “pushkin sonnets” of “auto”-biography. ran as installments
in _the_ten_page_news_. my longest verse effort by quite a ways.

06/24/19 “editorial”: if we had time enough, and money…
(andrew marvell take-off from _indy_unleashed_
[#9—spring ’99]).

06/25/19 essay on criticism: (1998)
alexander pope take-off. with zines.
forgiveness can be less divine than vain/
we shouldn’t err by being too humane.

05/26/20 …my favorite things: photo of shelves (comics etc.).

05/26/20 detail: close-up of previous setting.
(original art; bloomington zine; more.)

06/12/20 jung never did this: six-color i-ching.
(ten-year old “microzine” hand-colored.)

06/20/20 the abyss looks back: photo of me & shelves.
announcing 10pp/10y (the ten page ten-yearly).

06/22/20 the same old thing: a-four-hat four ways.
“an entire course in group theory
summarized on one page”.

07/29/20 the real is at war with the virtual: yesterday’s news.

this one is a little longer.

Photo on 6-20-20 at 4.49 PM.jpg

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