in my room

starting with the mathy stuff
on what used to be a door
at the corner of what used to
be a street: in “the livingston
library”, or, more precisely,
as i think of it, at the living-
ston “branch of the UUCE” libe,
where for “UUCE”, read th’
UU church in reynoldsburg
[ohio; do i have to tell you
*everything*?]… g-d willing
i might make it back to the
*main* branch while it still

a bunch of taped-up drawings (and
reproductions of same) by me.
the entire RHS (right-hand side,
natch) is given to various versions
of “desargues’ theorem in color”;
there’s another of these at upper-
-left (& in between, “vlorbik’s
seven-color theorem”
[in one of its
many versions]).

then the three big (eight-&-a-half-by-
-eleven) 16-point thingums; these are
versions of the “hurwitz tesseract”
(as i hereby dub it); the two 8-point
“cosets” of the normal 8-group in the
unit integral quaternions. a-four-hat,
as i like to call it. anyway.

and, illegible here more or less of course,
the back cover of an em-ed-zed (M Ed Z —
“math ed zine” to the acronym-averse).
featured here are *more* covers of MEdZ
(what else?): specifically, this very one
(#1—the “hip pocket vocab”, 2010; reissued
in digest size with new [-ly reprinted]
graphics & hand-lettered comments [same year,
i think]); K_n -slash- K_4 (a “remix” of
two “microzines” [eight pages on one side
of an 8 1/2 by 11 each] into one such);
P_2(Z_2) & P_2(F_n) (“projective planes”);
& \Bbb{Q}, \Bbb{Z}, & \Bbb{N} (“number sets”).

but enough about me. some of my *other* stuff.
r.~crumb’s _art_&_beauty_ (cover shot of mrs.~
~crumb). two “books” with comic-book-swearing
for “titles”; also clowes’ _modern_cartoonist_.
that poster of magazine covers from _starlog_.
you could look at that thing alone for quite
a while. in the right company. (alas.)
what you can’t see covering up part of this
poster (lower left) is the _comic_book_artist_
cover by i-know-not-who showing “magnus
robot fighter” clobbering an evil droid. i did
a song about fighting robots and have a soft
spot for this character.

two pics of fitzgerald & a bunch of his books; you
might also be able to see burroughs. in the brick
under the pez-head of winnie-der-pooh is a period
shot of dad early 60s. you can tell the images
of auden are *there* in my version but not who
they are images of; likewise langston hughes.

this is quite a satisfying way of making the time
go by as long as you don’t wish for somebody else
actually to *read* it…


Photo on 7-15-20 at 9.49 AM.jpg


  1. i’ve just re-inked & f-booked one of the tesseracts

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