they say it’s one d-mn thing after another

… but really it’s the *same* d-mn thing,
over and over.

i can now say for sure that some of the drawings
in these old Math Ed Zines scattered all around
the place could be adapted for coloring books.

the B&W drawing underlying both colorations
is from a zine of about ten years ago and shows
graphically (“lectures without words”) that
P^2(\Bbb{F}_3) = P^2(\Bbb{F}_3)^{*}. you’d see this code
on the actual display if i could get a decent
shot. a poor workman blames his tools. and i
intend to make the most of it.

Photo on 6-20-20 at 6.56 PM


  1. Seven Stories: Part Zero

    ☉ Sun
    ☽ Moon
    ♀ Venus
    ☿ Mercury
    ♂ Mars
    ♃ Jupiter
    ♄ Saturn

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