the abyss looks back into you

here’s looking, not at euclid, but rather at this
nameless-by-me-i-think mac book. behind me a few
of the many shelves here at the livingston libe.
madeline’s encyclopedia was here before my arrival
(all those years ago). most of the rest was brought
by me or acquired since. the hugely-cool coffee-table
book about public libraries (lavish production;
photos of libes) is next to the top row
of those _britannica_s already mentioned…
under that, typography & dictionaries…
this is way too slow… the “connect four”
game… fast forwarding…

there’s a whole martin gardner *section* for
hecksake including two issues of th’ _notices_;
under his _last_recreations_ is a bunch of stuff
by the great knuth (that made up \TeX—thanks, don!).
the jacket for th’ _annotated_alice_ (the caroll section is
in my sight from here but not in this shot) also
deserves mention. i loved that book even before
i knew who gardner *was*.

other side of my head. “children’s book” about sacagawea
and a few of my many dollar-coins. there’s a map
more or less of course—part of a streets-of-columbus
folded-up-for-gloveboxen thingum in this case
(one of many… want one?).

the enormous _handbook_of_physics_ at lower right
was a cursemas gift from public-school days.
too awkward to be good for much actual *reading*
but nonetheless known by me to have an impressive
survey-of-advanced-math right up front.

okay. enough stalling around.

announcing _the_ten_page_ten_yearly_ (2020).
this i vow.
if it comes out at all
(i) it’ll be ten pages
digest-size front and back
in glorious [and expensive]
full color; 8 pages inside
in glorious cheap B&W
), and
i won’t do it again for ten years.

watch this space.



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