his dark materials

the monochrome dots-and-lines thingum up top is copied
from a by-hand copy of an online graphics-giz. jpg or
pdf or i dunno what. fuggedaboudit. point is,
the two-tone diagram underneath has the *same* 16 points…
one might almost imagine that one point-set had literally
been *traced* from another… but now there are two
distorto-cubes: a blue & an orange. i’ve filled in
the “trit-string” representation of a projection of
the “h-coset” (the blue “cube”); the orange is the
negative of this one so you can easily fill in
the trits if you should so desire. or could if
you could see the damn things on the blue. anyhow,
point is, i had to *fill in* those co-ordinates
h := ++++, g:= h^2 = -+++, … hi, gi… gk…-h=—-:
the sixteen points of the “tesseract” obtained
by shifting the “fundamental quaternion units”
[eight of ’em] to the “right” and “left”
[the “past” & the “future” on another convenient
and “connect the dots” literally to see how the
doggone monochrome was a picture of a tesseract at all.
that’s the way i roll. staring at the diagram…
however pleasant.. just wasn’t gonna get it.

and i am reminded of a remark of mine in some blog
or another long ago: the student isn’t learning
if the pencil isn’t moving (the eraser counts).

Photo on 6-14-20 at 1.49 PM

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