my next one… will be *better*!

the color-scheme is inspired by one-or-the-other of

a hyperbolic plane coloring & the simple group
of order 168
(dana mackenzie; monthly of 10/95)


why is PSL(2,7) \tilde= GL(3,2)?(ezra brown & nicholas loehr;
monthly of 10/09)…

okay, it was the mackenzie. but i want you
to look ’em both up. the brown-loehr i’ve
known longer and studied more. anyhow, enough
about the actual math. more about me.

the bits *not* in color show “the desargues
configuration”… the triangle-lookin things
somehow are supposed to depict the version
where the “lines” (sets-of-three “points”)
of the configuration are made to coincide
with triples-of-faces on an icosahedron.
it’s one of the coolest things i know.
there are versions somewhere colorized.

Photo on 6-3-20 at 9.17 AM


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