all the arts are one art: a manifesto

i can be much more specific: quality
comes from caring. caring comes (alas),
from suffering. “art”, on this model,
then, is “turning suffering into beauty”.

exhibit A: any random guitar player.
i’ve met some amazing players in my time
and, like many another, i came up in an
a guitar-music-rich milieu. the “british
invasion” in pop-music, specifically.

john winston lennon… exhibit B… said
something to the effect “give me a *tuba*,
and i’ll make some music out of it”. now.
“john” … as much as anyone… was in a
position to know how much money-changes-
-everything. and *he* decided that baking
bread, one loaf at a time, for his loved
ones, was the best use of his time (if
only for a moment).

exhibit C: all my many-many exes (put together).
and the whole food-is-love *thing*. it’s not
that i’m not grateful. i get it that food is
*primal*. everybody has to eat and nobody knows
why we—as a species (or, for that matter, as a
“people”)—are so blessed. i also get it that
during the time i was coming up, not-having-a-dick
was a life-sentence. boys wore blue and girls wore
pink; bible-belt babies don’t have to think.

exhibit D: thirsty-two-million cooking shows. and
my own. shutting up for now; death to skynet.
(i don’t mean “squint”. fuck the robot-hegemony
generally. i await an editor that can actually
read. hello?)


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