3^2 + 3^1 + 3^0 = 13

  1. too good to leave in f’book. yay “kirby”.
    i was “love-bombed” by a “unification church” cell in vegas, circa 1977. the guy that first spotted me—“jerome”—was the leader of a very-crowded living-arrangement (eight or nine or thereabouts in a two-or-three bedroom el-cheapo apartment). i got invited to dinner and (jerome knew his business) i was brand-new to vegas and had *no friends. so i went and ate with ’em and sat through a chalk-talk by one of the other-moonies… mostly (but with guidance from jerome). the pitch was to get me to go on one of their “retreats”. presumably, the *real* brain-washing would take place when i was removed from ordinary-reality (or even vegas!) for an entire-weekend. my brain was clean enough by my lights, so i never agreed to participate in this activity. they kept trying for months. so i got several dinners. and a bowling trip. and i got to see jerome himself at the front of the room preaching the faith. i’ve got a copy of _divine_principle_ here even now, as if to prove it. love your neighbor, duh. trust nobody, double-duh.

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