the orange blend

Photo on 11-24-15 at 2.28 PM

exercise: draw the other six lines.

about time these guys got some names.
ROY (this one) is obvious.

let’s see.
green blend.
bgy byg gby gyb ybg ygb;
GABY, then.

gop gpo ogp opg pgo pog;
PEGGIE-OH, then, maybe.

the orange blur.
bmo, bom, mbo, mob, obm, omb.
JIMBO comes to mind.

submissions welcome. yes, it’s the great
name-the-lines contest of ought-fifteen!

i’ll be forced for the sake of my own peace
of mind to type out the rest of the exercise
and make up three more names. “the purple
blur” isn’t much of a *name* for a line.
more like a *secret identity*.


  1. ROY stands: the orange blend

    mpy, myp, pmy, pym, ymp, ypm
    (ms.) PYM, perhaps: the purple blur.

    bpr, brp, pbr, prb, rbp, rpb
    (likes mr.~pibb in his PBR):
    the purple blend.

    GABY is okay for the green blend;
    i propose here to replace “peggie-oh”
    with POGO for the secondaries.
    JIMBO i still like quite well for the
    orange blur.

    gmr grm mgr mrg rgm rmg
    MARGIE: the green blur.

    our characters, then (alphabetically):
    gaby, jimbo, margie, pibber, pogo, pym,
    and roy. each with a tricolor-flag costume,
    i suppose.

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