Seven Stories #1.0: Monday

☉ Sun
☽ Moon
♂ Mars
☿ Mercury
♃ Jupiter
♀ Venus
♄ Saturn

On Monday, when Al first shows up for the Symposium,
he finds Betty already there writing in her notebook,
seated nearer to the aisle (up the middle of the room)
than to the door, in the front row.

“All that stuff was already on the Board when I
first got here. Astrological signs, apparently.
But I wonder why those particular signs
were singled out.”

“Well, I had first-year French five times,”
Al replies. And he sits down, just to Betty’s right
(Betty appears to be left-handed… but is writing at
a standard right-handed desk of the kind that can
be pulled up [for note-taking] or pushed back down
between seats [for easier moving around]). From this
position, Al can follow along if Betty should continue
working in her notepad.

“… and it looks to me like ‘Lundi, Mardi, Make-Ready…’,
the days of the week. We’ve got something like
it in English: ‘Monday’ is more-or-less obviously
‘Moon-day’… and ‘Sunday’ is even-more-obviously,
the “Day of the Sun”. But Tuesday and Wednesday
don’t fit in English.”

“Oh, I know that one! English uses Norse
gods! So ‘Thursday’ is Thor’s day… just like
that hunky hero in the movies.”

“Oh, I love those movies. Not so much Thor,
really, but Avengers was amazing… and it’s just
been incredible having ’em make all this stuff about my
favorite comics from when I was a kid and wanted to be
Stan Lee… before your time, obviously.”

“I’m more into the whole ancient-warrior kind of thing,
myself… but some of the superhero stuff is OK.”

“Anyhow, you’re right. ‘Wednesday’ is ‘Woden’s day’…
they call him ‘Odin’ in the comics… but ‘Frigga’s day’
and ‘Tiu’s’ day are evidently from godesses’
names. This probably ought to be better-known…
but I sure don’t know much about it…”

When Gemma shows up, she can see that they’re talking
about the symbols on the board.

“Is it OK if I erase all these planets here?”

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